In A Fit of Activity

I seem to have acquired a full bee setup. *blinks at self* One of the Colorado beekeepers on the list I follow is getting rid of 1000 8-frame deeps (smaller than the standard 10-frame setups but easier to haul around for that) as he's going out of the commercial beekeeping business and going into raising queens and the more specialty work. But most new setups are a few hundred dollars and he's giving me everything I need for a fraction of the cost new. "All" I have to do is clean it up and put workers and a queen into it in next spring. *laughs*

I also delivered seven paintings to one of the biggest and busiest hospitals in town, the Longmont United Hospital and found that the Longmont Artists' Registry actually will administer the sales of the paintings for me, taking a 25% commission, but given that I'm going to be gone for a good deal of the three month show, it's well worth it. The administration lady behind the desk who received the paintings said she thought mine were beautiful and very unlike anything else she'd seen go through their Art Cafe or front walk. Peaceful and open, she said. *grins*

Yesterday, I met folks at a bank wanted paintings. But they wanted stuff that was bigger than mine, so I managed to get my mentor, the art therapist, in on *that* show, so that worked out all right. Today, I also got my allergy shots, ran to deliver things to the library, wrote like mad with DarkPrism, and then played with Jet, rode the bicycle, started throwing things into the "To Pack" pile, and had an excellent dinner with my boys.

A good day, I think. A good day.
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You really amaze me with all the things you do *shakes head in wonder*. I have no idea where you find all the time and energy.
*laughs* I haven't had any energy for *months* and have been kind of down on myself for it. I think it's the trip coming up and me having to get my butt in gear for it.

And sometimes things start to fall together... with the painting stuff, that is. I finally got myself into the town Registry... whew.
My Dad used to keep bees. It was really great having "real" honey, rather than that pasteurized crap they sell in stores.

On the other hand, I did tend to get stung when I didn't heed my parents' instructions to stay inside during honey-harvest time…
I'll have to remember that when it's time for Jet to stay indoors. *laughs*

YES! Real, un-heat-treated honey! Hee. I dunno. I might be too chicken to harvest it at the end of the year next year and just let them winter with all of it... *laughs*
Wow, you have been busy!

I look forward to hearing about the eventual honey. I am also really impressed that you're having your paintings at the big show at the hospital. That is truly splendid.

Don't overstretch yourself. But ... wow.

Yeah... wow. It's been... a little nuts... but I think I'm slowly coming out of my hibernation of this year. Gah.

Very busy day! *grins*

Thanks!! I think the beekeeping setup is solid, and sent the guy the money for the boxes, and he'll do it on good faith. beekeepers are a strange lot, I think... so it's appropriate that I join them. *laughs*
You amaze me! You never give anything less than 150%! I admire you and want to be you when I grow up.
When I have it! When I have it... I haven't had this kind of energy for months and months... so... I'm glad to finally get a bit of it back.

And now I really need to paint... but going on a trip! Agh...
Sounds like a very busy and complete day! I do love when my aunt sends me homemade honey. <3 The paintings for the hospital sounds exciting, and I'm glad you're getting up out of the fog. ^___^

Very excited about the "To Pack" pile, because it reminds me that Eeeee I get to see you sometime soon! Which reminds me! *Zoom!*

Yes!! I get to see you soon!! Thanks for confirming the plans. It's very good to Have A Plan, even if it changes at the last instant. *laughs* I have txt'ing on the phone, so feel free to use it.