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Chronomorphosis and Packing

I got up as late as I as able this morning, as the bed I slept in was so comfortable I could finally really sleeeeeep. So I did, snarfed a blueberry muffin for breakfast, did a little online maintenance and then hopped into the Eurovan and headed South. All the way down to Olympia to visit chronomorphosis, and with traffic it was more than an hour down and almost two hours up, but it was well worth the effort.

He's making a lovely home for himself in the woods out of all kinds of stuff that he's found there, and I'm really impressed with the results.

Chronomorphosis and his Place
I basically drove down and got a tour of his new digs, and all its residents. There's a pot-bellied pig and her new litter (literally, they were born yesterday) of piglets. A bunch of bunnies in hutches. A flock of chickens running around free range and eating everything they please. And lots and lots and lots of trees and water.

I loved the place, loved wandering around it as it really reminded me of the place John and I had in Redmond. Lots of trees, water, and a wetland on the side. And the weather matched the feeling, as it was rainy and cool. The drive down had a few fraught moments, as there was just pouring rain, and the whole way down was 65-70 but four lanes packed with cars, trucks, and plenty of things to dodge. There's nothing that keeps me as awake as four lanes of fast moving traffic. I loved it and I'll admit that I missed it and the challenges of it from driving in Colorado's relatively empty stretches, or where the speeds range more in the 80's and up rather than the slower, saner rate folks here go when it's pouring rain.

Chrono's taken an old trailer and converted it into a really flexible, though tiny, living space where every space functions for far more than one capacity. I loved seeing what he'd done with the interior. The boy has far far better decorating sense than I'll ever have. *laughs* And it reflects him in all kinds of cool ways.

We spend hours just talking about what he's done, what he plans to do, and what's to come, and the time just flew. It's really fun to come across someone else who knows when Enough is Enough. Most people wouldn't understand that John and I decided to retire not because we "had enough", but because we knew we might be able to live on what we had. He drove me to a Taco Bell, and we had lunch together, talking the whole time, and then got back, and Darkprism returned our call. *laughs* So he got to talk with her for a bit before I had to leave.

I managed to get back on the freeway by 3pm, but, as expected, hit rush "hour" traffic all the way along the 405 from where it branches off from the 5. So didn't get home until 5ish. But it was well worth the doing, and, besides, I got the first time utterly alone to myself that I've had in a while. *laughs*

The amusing thing was that the moment I got back, myJohn had me packing boxes from the kitchen. *laughs* We have to finish all the packing for the move tomorrow, so I spent the rest of the evening packing boxes, though we did stop to eat the last dinner we're having in this place.

This house is the house John's parents bought when he was two-years-old, so they've been in it for more than 45 years. John's memories are pretty solidly embedded in this place, so the leaving is tough on him as well. But he's had a few months to get used to the idea, and he came for a week just a couple of weeks ago to help them really get going on getting stuff either sold, given away, or thrown away before packing the things that they'll need in their new apartment.

We're here for the last of it, and it's kind of been sad to hear the basement rooms echoing emptily. But there's also been kind of a 'job well done' feel to it all as well, as we clear out each room, each area, each drawer. I spent most of the evening packing up kitchen things into boxes, wrapping glass with paper, and putting lids on the boxes so that they'll get through just fine. The trucks are coming in the morning, so we'll start putting things into the trucks once they get here. John's brother David and his lady Mary are arriving in the morning, too, and we'll just get started on hauling stuff.

I think I'd better get to sleep. *laughs*
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