The Move

It's gone well.

We moved everything left from a 5-bedroom house into a 2-bedroom apartment and it nearly all fits! One U-Haul, one pickup, and a couple Eurovan loads later, and I'm sore, tired, and happy that we're nearly all done. The last bits are being cleaned up today. George and Isabel were pretty happy with what Dave, Mary, John, Jet, and I were able to help them with.

Sadly, my internet access hasn't appeared the way I'd hoped, but I'm checking what I can when I can. *hugs folks*
*giggles* I wasn't?

Uhm. We've been moving John's Mom and Dad from their house of 45+ years to an apartment in a senior community. It's been a job and a half, but it's been good.
Oh good! I feel less oblivious then! I was skimming through old posts of yours going 'when the heck did she announce she was moving?!' :)

I'm glad to read that it seems to have gone well. :)
It was *wonderful* seeing you!!!

I'm definitely writing the entry for these three days, and will upload when I have true bandwidth again. *hugs you solidly*

I really enjoyed our lunch!