Is This Things Working?

I think I'm finally able to post again... and it's been a few days.

The BDSM M/M Romance that demented_dee and I wrote is coming out through Torquere Press on the 27th of July, Wednesday of this week, and on that day we'll be hosting the torquere_social blog. MyJohn is actually going to get me the Broadband2Go stuff I'll need to do it somewhere between Redwoods and somewhere in Northern California, like Eugene or Eureka or... something? I'm not sure what. *laughs*

We'll have a coupon, good toward the book, as a randomly drawn door prize for anyone that comments on the things Prism and I will be posting on the Torquere Blog, so please do come if you're interested!
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A bit late, but anyway - big, big congradulations to you and your fellow co-writer! ^_^
*hugs happily*

Well, given how Livejournal has been acting, I'm not surprised it's later. *laughs* Thank you so much!! I should put a link to it up soon.