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Crowded Week

Jet's back in school on Wednesday, so things have gotten a bit crowded lately.

Monday and Tuesday were doing a short story with Darkprism. Tuesday night, Jet went with his best friend Hunter to the Lakeside Amusement Park, and John and I went with him this time. John liked having company while the boys did the rides. Wednesday was the hosting of the Torquere site. Thursday the boys and I went up to Estes Park and rented a paddle boat and did Mini-Golf with running water and mountains all around. And, today, I got my bee setup in Littleton, went to H-Mart to load up on Asian goodies, and hit up 8 Island in Boulder for Hawaiian food on the way home.

It's all been pretty good.

Lakeside Amusement Park
Jet got free tickets from the library, for doing the reading program with them. And he loves doing it with a friend instead of on his own, and John went with them at the beginning of the summer and got to follow them around and be amused by their antics and tried to take pictures.

Lakeside is a 100-year-old amusement park, with a 70-year-old rollercoaster, and lots of small touches from a past era. Lots of neon and flashing lights, and a train that runs about the lake next to the park. This picture was taken from across the lake, while on the little electric train. The water was uncommonly still that evening, and the reflections startled me in their clarity.

The boys loved this ride called The Fall, which is about a 10-story fall in a very controlled car. I was content to just watch it, instead of participating, and walked with John around the park. I got a good 8000 steps in, and enjoyed the train ride, a merry-go-around ride, and, of course, a Ferris Wheel ride.

In Motion
I love Ferris Wheels, the smoothness, the height, the motion and the process of loading people on and off and stopping in all kinds of aspects of the wheel. Wheel of Fortune in a good physical manifestation, and it was really fun to do it with John, as a little shared fear is always good for the relationship. *laughs* I think that might be why we do the river rafting, the soccer games, and the other things we do together.

There was this lovely moment when they were loading people onto their seats, when we were at the very front top of the wheel, with nothing but darkness, trees, and people beneath us, and I got a lovely shot off there. But the height and the swaying, and being in the breath of the world was just marvelous. Loved it. From there we wandered the waterfront, disdained the rollercoaster lines, and pretty much just walked and talked for the evening until it got to be 10. Then we met up with the boys and watched them get into the line for the Fall again, and then watched in bemusement as they flirted with three teenage girls in line. I was very amused that the teenage boy that was with the girls rode with Jet and Hunter, and then all six of them headed for the bumper cars for one last whirl before heading home.

Both of them fell asleep on the way home, and it was very restful, and reminded me of times when my parents too me to other amusement parks, and we'd run like mad all day and then go to sleep on the way home.

Thursday, after the lovely, busy day on the social site, we decided to go to Estes Park and Lake Estes and rent a paddle boat and just go out on the water. The views were spectacular, the lake calm, and we just paddled about and got our exercise, and enjoyed the sun, the water, and the people all around the lake. Beautiful day for it, though the water was definitely snow melt cold. *laughs*

There were also four-wheeled bikes, with a setup so that two people could pedal them at the same time and have a cover over their heads at the same time. There was a huge basket for Stuff, and a solid brake for when you wanted to stop, so it seemed very cool.

Since Jet had a 2pm appointment to play with someone, we didn't rent one of those as well, instead, going to find a putt-putt golf place with a burrito stand. So we had some lunch and 18 holes of mini-golf amid running streams and blue skies and just enough trees for shade while we played. It was just that kind of day, just something to enjoy being alive. We swam when we got home, just to cool off and relax in the water, we ate lightly as we ate too much during the morning, and I slept well and dreamed of David raising the AI that was to become Kwan and what it would entail. That was really, really good.

Today we headed into Littleton first thing in the morning, as it was the only day this week that the guy selling the stuff and I could meet, since I had Mon-Wed all taken up with writing things. I had to cancel a haircut to do it, but it worked out all right, and Tim gave me *six* boxes, an inner and outer, telescoping lid, a feeder box, a queen separator, AND was going to give me a whole four-hive skid when I said I didn't really need that, as I could get a pallet to hold the thing up. He was great, and said that if I needed anything more in the spring to just contact him. He had a whole yard of equipment, still, so I could see why.

Anyone that wants bee equipment could contact Timothy Johnson at He gave me all that for just $100.

On the way home, we hit H-Mart and picked up a slew of Asian goods, including fresh lychees! Yum! Jet and I shared a milk tea with boba, and he really liked shopping there. With a filled cooler we headed to 8 Island in Boulder and had Hawaiian lunches, and were ecstatic that they had small portions as well. Full and happy, we went home.

I really enjoyed the evening with Jet and John, and Jet came up with the really cool idea of watching My Neighbor Totoro. He and I really had a blast, and I loved it when he suddenly exclaimed, "I think the best part about this movie is that there are no bad guys! No one does stuff that's mean, it's just life and stuff happens and they do what they can about it."



I think I need more of that.

Spent some of the time working with Marian on a design problem, so I'm working on small stuff again. I have a drabble I'm supposed to write about food, and I'm... content, I think.
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