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Blessed Rain

It rained.

All of yesterday evening, all night, and then, again, all morning. Before the night was over, though there was also an inch or two of heavy, super wet snow as well, and, for a little while, the world was white and grey and beautiful. There was thirteen inches of the white stuff in Estes Park this morning.

Snow a few days before Memorial Day. Wow.

We needed it, though, and all the wet really helped the firefighters out with a huge forest blaze south of Denver. Though the snow made for a really slippery, muddy and pretty awful fire fighting scenario, at least it dampened all the trees, grass, and underbrush around there, thoroughly.

And the next week looks like it's going to produce a few good thunderstorms. So I'm hoping. I always hope for rain, but with the below average precip of the winter, everyone around here is hoping for rain and water, especially all the farmers out around us.

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