Oooh, lovely! I didn't know about this one -- it looks fascinating. I have loved her writing in the past, and certainly yours as well, so a joint project would have to be a winner! And I have been looking for good multi-chapter fics to read on the e-reader my daughter gave me to play around with. This would be perfect. Is it posted on any other sites, or on LiveJournal only?
Thanks for the link! Yeah, I sleep little and don't sleep well when I do sleep, and keeping a light on to read (as well as most booklights) bothers the hubs when I read in bed late at night when he's sleeping and I'm not. The e-reader is working out to be a great solution, and it's perfect for the long multi-chapter fics I can never seem to find time to read during the day!

So far I'm really enjoying it - I've also found I can read Archive of Our Own right online with it, plus they have a feature to DL their fics in PDF format, so that's why I asked if the fic was on other sites. I'll download Winter War today or tomorrow!