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Lovely lovely art of my David

By aetherbox/Grimmalkin for a commission. My only prompt was "David". *laughs*

Though we talked a lot about aetherbox's worlds, what the symbols meant in his stories, and he really likes my David. I was impressed when he was able to translate a lot of David's character into the symbols and pieces of his world. You can read about my David on the evantide_and_li community. Just join up and you can see the stories. But here's the picture, behind a cut.

My David
aetherbox really caught David's pensiveness, neatness and peace even as he's patching together old memories from all the parts of his life. *grins* I loved the cracks in the wall. Not sure why I want to just touch that wall, know its realness. His hands are amazing, and the glasses and the hair! *laughs* I really loved how it all turned out.

And knowing aetherbox's stories behind the clothing just adds to my wonder and how I see this. The spats are actually from aetherbox's Ob's strict past and childhood, as are the formal jacket, Ascot, and waistcoat. Bob's patchwork pants, though, kind of echo how David views his past, and the pieces that he puts away for another day with a quiet that most might misunderstand.

It's just awesome to find that someone can translate David into their idiom as well... and find how well it works. Just... loved that. *laughs*

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