I'm assuming that this is a book you wrote? The review is very complimentary, I might have to check it out!
Yes! This was a book that I co-authored with Darkprism! It got published! Whee. And it's nice to see other people enjoying the characters, too.
And, yes, it would be very cool if you bought a copy. Brand new authors don't get the same deals established ones do, and the only way to get established is to sell better than the average beginner. *laughs*

So thank you for contemplating getting a copy! <3
I actually just ordered a kindle sample! I look forward to having a chance to cozy up with it, please keep us posted on any other work you do!
Woohoo!! Thank you! I appreciate it immensely, and I'll definitely keep people updated here!
Congratulations, my dear!

And this is a good reminder for me to add this one to my "things to do/read" list!
Thank you!!

It would be wonderful if you did! Hee. It's good to get nice reviews, too. *dances about*
I can see why those coffee cups are steaming. Congratulations on the enthusiastic review.
*giggles* Yes. Erotic romances...

Thank you so much! It's fun to get them when we really did our best with the characters, to make 'em feel real to a reader is quite the complement!
Ooh, congratulations! *reminds self to get book this weekend as reward for surviving week*
OOooooh! Thank you!

I hope it pleases!! And that it does provide a good escape after a hard week.

*hugs happily*