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Liralen Li

CafePress Store for West and East Opening!

Been wanting to do this for a while, as there've been a lot of artists that have done amazing work for both demented_dee and I for David and West.

So we've now opened a CafePress store for all the characters that Prism and I have created together. At the moment, it's mostly West and David, but we have a few pieces that are coming down the pike for the H.J. Raine and Kelly Wyre New Amsterdam boys and stories. We had a lot of fun talking with the artists who have already contributed to the gallery on Y!Gallery, and got their agreement to open a store.

It's kind of cool. Just click HERE, click on “West & East” (New Amsterdam merchandise, etc. coming soooon!) and follow the rabbit holes to buy amazing things from Grimmalkin, Rah, Haslin, Kyuubi, Imlikat, and others. All the art is work safe. Buttons, t-shirts, pajamas, keychains, journals, necklaces, cards, commemorative boxes, and the list goes on.

Half the profits go to your resident creators, and half go to the artists who help make our creations come to life.

Buy, share, tell everybody where you got the cool stuff.

Much love and David PJs,
Liralen Li and Demented D.


Hey guys, I’m an artist! What are the requirements to join in the fray?
1. Art sold on CafePress MUST BE PG-13 or tamer. If you have art that can be cut or formatted to fit that rating, you must either provide the correct file or give us permission to crop the artwork.
2. Art must be of original characters only. West & East guys as well as the New Amsterdam boys are welcome, as are any of our other original characters found on this site, LiveJournal, or elsewhere.
3. Art must be true to the creators’ interpretation of the characters. All tattoos, physical characteristics, canon relationships, and other details must be as the creators’ have presented them. So there will be no blond David Li’s, Caleb without tattoos, or Lucian Gray in a Playboy bunny costume sold in the store.
4. Art must be in digital format (created that way or scanned).
5. Items upon which art is situated is up to the discretion of myself and Liralen.
6. Art chosen to be featured is up to the discretion of myself and Liralen.
7. Artists must have access to a PayPal account to receive payments.

NOTE: If you’re an artist who has drawn work, it fits these requirements, AND we’ve spoken to you and you don’t see your work on the store, yet, please let us know.

Okay, I’m still an artist with kick ass art that meets all those parameters. Now what?
1. Private message/contact either liralen or demented_dee with your request and a link to the artwork. It doesn’t have to be posted, necessarily, but we will need to see it.
2. We review the work.
3. We do many, many happy dances over its awesomeness.
4. We make an agreement with you, the artist, and get the files onto cool stuff.
5. People buy it, the monies come to us, and we send artists’ their cut.
6. We will most likely be sending out monthly/quarterly statements to let everyone know what of theirs is selling, etc. Working on that fine print, please pardon our dust.

How do artists or customers contact you guys?
You may PM Darkprism or Liralenli on Yaoi Gallery.
You may message us here on LiveJournal, privately.
You may email us at:
(Darkprism & Liralen, respectively)

I’m an awesome consumer who wants to buy up most of the store, but what I REALLY want is X picture on Y object, but I don’t see it. Is it possible to fix that???
Most likely. Please contact one of us with your request.

I’m an artist in the program, and I really want to share the news that I’m doing this. Is there a banner or something cool that I can put on my webpage?
YES! There is! Please contact demented_dee about that post-haste!

I’m NOT an artist, but I think what you guys are doing is cool. Can I have a banner, too?
But of course. Please contact demented_dee about that post-haste!

Can I make suggestions on how to improve the store or what to put in it?
Certainly. Please note that implementing such changes is at the creators’ discretion, and we might be a little clunky while we get this machine oiled up. But please feel free to email or contact us via the above methods.

*Creators’/artists share 50/50 split 10% of the profit above CafePress’s cost to sell.
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