Charter for Compassion -- Karen Armstrong at TED

It's amazing...

After she walked away from her convent, Karen thought she was utterly quit of religion for the rest of her life. Now she's working on making all religions more compassionate.

This is extraordinary. It's unfortunate that it's the view of such a small minority but how else could one explain the Republican take-over by the Religious Reich?

I'm afraid I'm being cynical and pessimistic; I'd love to see something like the Charter for Compassion take hold, but I really don't expect it.
*laughs* I loved her line in the talk, where she said she walked into a congregation, gave her talk and saw all these mutinous faces. She said, "These are people more interested in being *right* than compassionate."

She's right. I'm afraid you might well be, too. I'm okay with being in the minority and just talking LOUDLY enough that someone interested might hear me. *laughs* Especially if they come over and go... oh... I *agree* with you... why is it so messed up?

Anyway, there's at least 80,000 folks who have already signed the charter, and while that's small compared to the number of religious folks in the world, it's ridiculous to think that 80,000 people can't do *something*. *grins*