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Full Moon...

... but Jet's been sleeping like... a baby. (muffled laughter).

Actually, he's only gotten up once for the last several nights, and this morning he slept until 7:45! I was very amazed and grateful as my damned head cold went bronchial. Luckily, it didn't do that for either Jet or John, they just have head colds that are going away. So I've had some time to sleep.

Friday was the Spiderman movie. Saturday was lots of sleep for Momma, a trip to the grocery store and a yummy hockey game between the Avalanche and Red Wings.

Sunday was a morning trip to the Boulder Creek Fair with lots of walking in the sunshine with thousands of vendors, free food samples, and colorful things to avoid buying. Though we failed that roll with a handful of Hawaiian shirts, a block of grapefruit glycerin soap that looks like it has grapefruit rind through clear pink soap, and wonderful fair food. I got a beautiful Philly cheese steak that had the real steak, grilled onions, the white cheese, and the only thing I could have wished for was a nicer bun. Still, it was very enjoyable.

I didn't start coughing up lung stuff until that evening and Monday saw it slowing down some, though there's still that weight of liquid in the lungs that I know way too well from so many bouts of it before.

Yesterday was a Jet-powered trip through Target. Jet was powering the cart for part of the trip and then suddenly started darting in all directions through the store. He just wanted to explore *everything* and did it the best way he knew how, at full speed. He just kept running down aisles, and we could herd him in general directions, but getting picked up or turned around elicited much screaming. Oop. So much for placid Jet. He wanted to go. So he did. We just herded him into circling the actual shopping area with one parent, and the other got to figure out what it was we needed to get. *laughter* It made for quite the adventure.

Though it was also really obvious that he's got a lot less separation anxiety now, and it's probably one of the reasons he's sleeping a lot better and longer at night.

I also managed to get my rosemary, sweet marjoram, and parsley planted outside before running out of planting medium. I'll have to get more for the garlic chives, as they really like being out in the sunshine. The basil is going to take some sun toughing before it can go outside, though. I'm very, very glad to finally have the herb box set outside and have plants out in it. They love the sunshine so, and needed the extra room. The marjoram nearly expanded to twice it's old size just by having some room to grow.

And the Avalanche's overtime win, last night, was very sweet indeed. It was so nice to not have a game where Roy was having to make twice as many saves as Hasek, and the whole team stepped up to get Peter the Great the opportunities that he took advantage of. It is just so cool to have Forsberg back...

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