Yaoi Con

Just because it amuses me to do so... I am in the lobby of the hotel that Yaoi Con is being held (the SF Marriot in Burlingame), in the nest of couches by the Starbucks in the lobby. *laughs* I'm waiting on a friend, who is going to show up sometime, but if anyone wants to say hi, I'm here. Not exactly sure for how *long*, but... maybe that's not the point.

[Edited to add that I'm probably going to be wandering about a little... in a crushed turquoise brocade jacket... that and the nearly 6' of height should help you spot me if you want me. lol]
[Aaand edited again as I am back in Oakland, about to go to the MiniCon at EndGame for the weekend. Thanks to those of you whom I did get to meet! Especially incandescens. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts (I'm still happily wearing the earrings!), the books, the One Piece art book, and the fantastic cards. Even more so for the company and stories. Hope it's far less than a decade before we meet again!!]
Hi cutie!
Enjoy the nest of couches and random visitors!

- John
Re: Hi cutie!
Hee! Thanks, sweetie!! Her plane was supposed to have been here an hour and a half ago, but customs and all that, I suppose... it'll work out, one way or another. *grins*
Dangit! I want to say hi, but I don't think I'd get there in time. :)
Yeep! Likely not... it's quite the haul from where you are!!

*hugs you happily* we'll have to get together again sometime!! More often than every eight years... lol... but we may well get out there some summer sooner rather than later.
There's a Saiyuki fandom meet-&-greet in Room 4014. You can tell them Phae sent you.
Oooo!! Thank you very much! The friend I'm with writes some Saiyuki as well. That should be fun!
Well, I'm not... uhm... officially here! *laughs* I may well try and actually be here for the con next year. still, yes, sadness at not getting to see *you* here. Whew.

Maybe next year? Heck, I need to get active again, I think, before that. *laughs* Amberley just turned me onto Ooku and whew... that's beautiful stuff.
Next year is unlikely for me as well, alas. I've retired from working the con as of, well, this weekend. We'll see, though.

And yes, Ooku is marvelous.
Alas... yes, those changes can be rough.

I am in the Bay Area now and again, and I would love to meet you *sometime*. *grins*

Mmm... it's good so many have heard of it.
Yes! Another Ooku fan! I am reading the most recent one now. I adore that series.

Have a lovely time in San Fran -- one of the few big cities I truly love.
Hoorah! Yay!

I'm mostly in Oakland this weekend, but had to visit SF to see incandescens and a few other friends, that was fun. *grins*

Am more here for the gaming convention than the yaoi one, but it was fun to drop by!
I solemnly swear I am seriously jealous.
Have a great weekend!
That height thing really helps in being spotted in a crowd, miright?
Hee. well, not really going to Yaoi con this year... decided on a gaming con in oakland, instead. *laughs*

Thanks!!! I hope it's fun!

and, yes, yes, yes. *laughs* The height thing is great in a crowd. Especially Asian and female and 5'10"... lol
Dang! I'd come up and visit, but I'm in Seattle this weekend for a Tempered Glass rehearsal. If you're still around Tuesday or Wednesday, stop by Grand Central Starport.
Oooo... Seattle!

Sadly, I'm flying home Tuesday Morning... but would have been cool, otherwise. Neat about the rehearsal! I hope it goes well!
Thanks! It did -- our concert at Conflikt is going to kick ass and take names.
Oh, cool! I have only ever been to one Yaoicon, but kind of wish I could have gone to this one to say hi! Hope you're enjoying it!
Well, given that I didn't actually stay for the con, and actually headed back into Oakland to do the EndGame mini-Con, I'm half-glad you didn't go to the con just for me!! *laughs*

I think if I do go for all of Yaoi Con, I'll announce it well in advance for those that do want to just meet me there, next time. Whew... *hugs you solidly*
I had a wonderful time!

Thanks! And the weekend's been good but a bit grueling. *laughs* In all the good ways. Been playing in three different RPG games and systems, and a fourth new one tomorrow. It should be fun, I hope...
It was wonderful seeing you, and I'm so glad you liked the earrings!

We will definitely have to take less than ten years to meet up next time. :)
I loved the earrings. Jet is treasuring his cards, and happily flipping through the art book when he has the chance.

Are things changing for you next year? Or maybe we'll talk about that offline sometime, as I'm curious about next year.
At the moment, I'm honestly not sure how I'll be keeping up with what the con may be doing for next year. I'll be waiting and seeing, I think. Though it does also depend on how many of my other friends would be attending.

As for seeing you next year - that also would be very cool. :)

Very glad that Jet likes the cards and the book, and that you like the earrings!