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Suffice to say that life's been insane up to this point. *laughs* Good. Very good, but utterly insane.

I added to the insanity, today, by driving 90 miles each way to Monument, CO, and meeting up with 2metaldog and Tam, the friend she was staying with, AND making it back home in time for a very intense time with my eye doctor about my eye problems.

The drive was through rush hour traffic through Denver, but it was oddly... restful. I was alone, driving, and it was oddly good and reminiscent of old Seattle commutes when it was slow. *laughs* I just... after a week of very intense social interaction at two gaming conventions and Yaoi Con, it was amazing to just be alone with myself and my own head.

Then I got two hours of good Village Inn food, was able to see, pose, and play with her gorgeous resin dolls (yes, I can SEE why they're addictive and soooo easy to fall in love with), lots of fantastic fan convention stories, and I brought a bunch of my knitting/spinning stuff. I sold a big bundle of cotton yarn and a lovely slip of silk, both of which caught 2metaldog's hand, heart, and eye, and I had no plans for either. So it was good for both of us! As I now have funds for more yarns! *laughs*

It was worthwhile doing, as it's nice to get a face and voice to go with the name.

Traffic on the way back was swift, so I stopped at the Pacific Ocean Market to get a bit of fermented rice (for the hot, sweet soup I just crave on cold nights), daikon radish for turnip cake (do *not* ask me why they call it that), and some of the big hell money they only seem to stock there. Got home in time to hug John and then run off to the eye doctor.

Yes, I've been having the reddened eyes since August again. Not the same at all. The right eye is the same as the left, and both are having problems with redness, burning, and itchiness. It was better in Oakland. It was far worse when I got back and it snowed a foot.

It did say something about insane? Right. 80s on Monday. A foot of snow on Tuesday. The trees hadn't lost their leaves yet, so there's a LOT of broken trees now. Some look snapped in half from the sheer weight of the heavy, wet snow. Old Town, which had all the HUGE deciduous trees looks like a hurricane went through it. It's kind of sad. All the aspens in our front yard did just fine, and the snow looked startlingly beautiful against gold leaves.

The snow was why plans to meet up with 2metaldog fell through for Thursday, as, rightly, her friend read the weather pattern, and they decided to book it for Denver on Tuesday rather than Thursday.

Today all the roads were clear and utterly dry but for a few ribbons of ice. *laughs* It was in the 50's by mid-afternoon and everything was melting.

Anyway... the snow and the heaters going on really did my eyes in, so the Doc rightly called that as intense dry eye. But the symptoms and what my eyes are responding to and what they're not is pretty confused. They're reacting MORE to an antihistamine than they ought to react. I'm getting a rash and badly chapped skin and too many tears from the light steroid drop he gave me. ("You cannot be allergic to these drops, they're made to STOP allergic reactions.") Oddly the only thing that's working consistently is the Clear Eyes, which I only use once a day so there's no backlash from it.

Finally he gave me two prescriptions, half a dozen samples for a different antihistamine, a tear producing autoimmune system suppressant, and four kinds of artificial tears. *laughs* A Shotgun Approach, he called it, but said that I should use my judgment in how to use these things. If it's "just" dry eye, there were things I could use to isolate that particular response and make it stop. Given that there's nothing but the atmosphere to be allergic *to*... and the snow cleared out the air pollution for a couple of days, it's likely severe dry eye after being in Oakland and Santa Cruz.

So I went home with it all. John got Chinese take-out for dinner, which satisfied all three of us marvelously, and the boys asked me to help with Jet's Halloween costume. Jet wants to be a dumpling. *laughs* A char su bow, in fact, so... uhm... yeah. The sewing machine came out, and the boys got some foam bits for rings and a sheet for the skin, and John even pleated the cloth to make it come out right. Jet was pretty patient about the fitting work. *grins*

I then got some time to catch up on One Piece episodes as Jet was going through them pretty fast. And now I have time to finally write an entry... *laughs*

Luckily, I also found out that Livejournal is working on fixing their problems with LJArchive as well as their problems that are preventing Dreamwidth from importing content from here AND posting from there to here. *headdesks* I feel oddly cut off, one way or the other...
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It was wonderful to meet you in person and I just love the colours of the yarn I bought from you *pets yarn*. And yes, if you liked the look of the dolls previously, seeing them in person can really do you in *laughs*.

I'm glad to hear the drive was good and you made your appointment in time. I hope the eye thing clears up (or at least goes to tolerable) for you.
*beams happily* So so happy you like the yarn. And, yes, I was utterly fascinated by the dolls and their personalities, especially in conjunction with the personalities you've already written about. *grins*

I think I have a pretty good handle on how to manage it now, which is more than I could say before the appointment. It's not going to magically go away, but now I can get at it with stuff that isn't the steroid drops that have been raising my internal eye pressure... (yeah, I know... I said, allergy, dry eye, and virus. Should have added borderline glaucoma too to the mix... lol). So it *is* actually pretty good.

Kinda confirmed what I suspected, and he gave me a few ways to pull it. So thanks!!
Sympathies on your eye problems.

Have your eye doctors looked for infection? When symptoms get worse with immune suppressants, it may be time to consider that possibility.
Indeed. I had an eye infection recently -- no fun. This does sound different, though.
No fun at all. Whew.

I used to have them this time of year, regularly. Bah.

This is definitely different... thank goodness. I'm not waking up with my eye glued shut. And those seemed to hurt more...
Thank you!

Yes! My eye doc did look for infections and we've ruled 'em out as there isn't any of the viral or bacterial conjunctivitis issues or other effects. In the summer, we got rid of what was basically a viral wart on the edge of my right eyelid (something mollsculum) by cutting it out and cauterizing it and that got rid of *part* of the problem.

Actually it turns out that dry eye can get worse with antihistimins... and autoimmune suppressants. So... it kind of fits.
Sympathy on the eye problems, and I'm crossing my fingers that the new prescriptions help.

Oh, and... ahem... I have to confess that I bought a BJD at Yaoicon. She's in a box in my luggage. A 45-cm MSD Angel of Dream. :)

(I'm calling her Irene. You can probably guess why.)

*laughs* You've fallen!! Yes. Very very tempting... especially when they *so* resemble one of your characters. *grins*


Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for driving all that way to meet us in Monument, it was really nice meeting you in person.

And your talent with yarn and knitting... *is speechless* Between you and ID's talents with the needles I feel very... um... unskilled? :P

Glad to hear you made it back in time for your eye appointment. Tell your doctor you're severely allergic to doctor's bills. XD Hope it clears up for you soon!
It was great to meet you!

*laughs* The way you feel about me knitting? I think I feel that way about how you enjoy cons. *grins* It was wonderful to hear the stories and it made me all enthusiastic about it all!

Knitting, for me at least, is just something I've been doing since I was a kid... so I don't remember not being able to knit. *laughs*

*laughs* I love your advice!! Thank you.