Epithets and Other Tendencys of Fandom Prose

Having recently run into the epithet controversy over paid work, I have been wandering about refreshing myself on the principles of clear writing.

And I stumbled upon something that I think incandescens pointed me at years ago. It was wonderful to reread these things that were learned from Fanfiction failures. *laughs* Arduinna wrote a collection of nicely written essays about the pitfalls of fanfiction writers, and, really, writers everywhere. I love how clearly she states the principles behind what should be done and why and when exceptions can be made for the rule.
While I didn't agree with absolutely everything she said, I have to admit I squirmed (and no doubt needed to read) certain sections - most particularly the Epithets one, the purple prose one, and the one whose gist was "said" is not a dirty word.

I must say, I laughed when I read the "Hummus Lecture", and have to admit I identified with her somewhat on that one, as someone who tends to write off-the-wall pairings, genfics, and other oddities which always tend to get read much less than the more popular mainstream slash pairings in the fandom. That phenomenon is one of the reasons I decided to take a break from the fic exchanges for a while - I got a little discouraged, working hard to do my best job on a fic, and then seeing my comment count be one tenth of what the more popular pairing stories would get. Of course, you write primarily to make yourself happy, and in an exchange, if the requester is happy, that's the most important thing, but I couldn't help but be a little bummed about it.

I think I get spoiled, reading fanfic primarily in the Saiyuki, Bleach, and FMA fandoms, and almost exclusively on LJ. Once in a while I venture to or if I am looking for something new, and I am inevitably shocked and appalled by the huge number of truly bad fics I see - ones that have every foible she covers in her essays, and then some. *lol*

(sorry for the lengthy comment... O___o Wordiness is one of my constant problems!)
Yes, one doesn't have to agree with her on any of the points, naturally. *laughs* It's all a matter of choice, but it's intriguing to see how some people take stuff that others find a matter-of-course.

I do like the other essays, too.

Yeah, it's true!! About fandom an popular pairings versus unpopular ones and I'm pretty firmly of the opinion that the numbers don't really say that much about the quality of the writing. My fanfiction isn't particularly popular compared to folks like incandescens, sophiap, Stark_black or darkprism_fics, and my numbers are much much smaller. I don't produce as quickly, nor do I pick popular pairings, nor do I do quite as much smut as I probably could, all "strikes" against the numbers.

I loved this one work that said that the only reasons to do an act of creation are for the love of it and if you just can't do anything else. *laughs* Otherwise, it's okay to try, but there will always be a point where one is left with nothing but the passion for the project, the will to finish it, and pretty much nothing else.

I seem to be right smack in the middle of that with Twin Souls right now. It's been over a years since I updated, and I am in the final throes of it, and Need To Get It Done. *laughs*

So... one word at a time and no thought as to what it might or might not bring me other than completion of something I loved.

And, yeah... I'll admit, that LJ really does spoil one for *laughs*

*hugs* Love your lengthy comments. Some part of me feels like you care then. *grins mildly*