Gomen kudasai

It's been over a year since I updated Twin Souls.

I've been rereading it, and stumbling over a few things that are obviously errors. *laughs* (what... *black* student robes in chapter 1??) But they don't... don't really kill the overall flow of the story. I'm in the throes of getting the ending put together, and Darkprism has been patient enough and understanding enough to give me the time to do this.

We just finished the second book in the series, and I'm on the hook for editing the third book we've already written, but she's all right with letting me put that aside to finish this first of my pieces of fanfiction.

I'm feeling oddly lost in the midst of it, though. *laughs* But finding my compass way again. I know what has to happen in the last few chapters. I have a list of the things that need to be resolved, and I tried, three times, to follow an outline as we do with the books, but it felt... wrong. So I'm on the third try and it's finally feeling right.

But needed to apologize for all those folks that were following this series, and my taking so long. Still... I think I've finally cleared out my last excuses and I have to get it going again.
I thinks sometimes finishing something lengthy is almost painful, like saying goodbye to an old friend - kind of bittersweet. I feel that way when I come to the end of a book I have been reading that I have really really enjoyed, and in the case of the three lengthiest fanfics I have written, I felt some of the same twinges.

Now that I have figured out how to read LJ on my new Kindle Fire, catching up on Twin Souls is one of my next big projects - I am really looking forward to it!!!!
Yeah... I've been crying all day. *eyes self* Not my usual mode of operation, I assure you.

Ooo! I'd love it if you did! And I do wonder how your Fire is working for you? I've been contemplating one for myself.
Awwww.... *pets your head* So I'm not the only one around here that is a sentimental fool, eh? I take no small measure of comfort in that! (I just cried watching "Capitalism: a Love Story" tonight. I'm hopeless.)

I ADORE my Kindle Fire!!! I don't have that much basis of comparison, when it comes to things like iPods and such, and I've never owned another reader, other than a short bout with a Cruze tablet the girls loaned me, which by their own admission, sucked big hairy ones and has now gone back to Best Buy in shame. But I love the Fire. I can read stuff on LJ, DL books from my local library and Amazon, check my email, watch videos (the picture on it is awesome!)... it really is an amazing little package of technology for $200 bucks. And I am so NOT techie, and I've not had a minute of trouble sussing out how to use it, which can only mean it is incredibly intuitive to operate. Not once have I been tempted to pitch it over the back fence, and I'm not sure I've ever owned a digital display device more complicated than a thermometer that I can say that about... GET ONE!!! (and no, I don't work for Amazon, I just spend shitloads of money there! ^__^ )

*laughs* I love that you're enjoying it so much!! Very cool.

Thank you so much for the enthusiastic review. That is very keen!
I look forward to reading the rest of Twin Souls. And future books in your series!

Really, things come as they come. (looks guiltily at her own to-write piles)

Sometimes all you can do is throw the grappling hook and then haul yourself the rest of the way.
(admires the depth of those piles)

Yes. Sometimes I think that's all I can do. Word by word... *laughs softly*

After recently working my way through everything currently posted for 'Twin Souls' I'm just happy to hear that you haven't abandoned it. Whenever your muse obliges I'll be happy to read more :)
Yes! I certainly haven't abandoned it. And thank you, so much, for the lack of pressure on getting this thing finally done. *laughs softly*

Thank you!!