Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Bleach 477

Finally caught up again on the Bleach manga, and really enjoyed how it turned out, of all things.

I am very very happy to that Rukia was appointed lieutenant, especially since I'd implied that in a good number of my fics. *laughs* I was going to write Jyuushiro's birthday fic hinging on him giving that promotion to her, and that was when I thought I really SHOULD catch up first, and now I'm very very glad I did.

Goodness... I was really amused by how the bad guy tried to paint Ukitake as the Mild-Mannered EVIL Mastermind Behind All That Oppressed Him!! *falls over giggling* And how Ichigo countered it in his own, straightforward, bullheaded way.

I am not as happy with the arc as I was with the last one, but I guess it ends up with Ichigo with his powers again. And the Gotei 13 comes off as being able to pay debts owed, perhaps? Not sure, but... well... those are the immediate thoughts.
Tags: bleach
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