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Individual Valentine's Day Stories Out

My co-author and I wrote individual short stories last December, exploring some of the side characters that we created in New Amsterdam while writing Hearts Under Fire. It was a lot of fun weaving the various threads of their lives into the places we weren't able to explore in the first novel. It was also fun to coordinate a few of the details in both the stories, to make sure that they felt like they were from the same world, especially since they're both set on the same day: Valentine's Day.

I had a blast researching police procedure for my story, and got quite a lot out of understanding the entire organizational structure for most police systems in large cities. It was also fun to understand exactly what it would be that Sorenson had to when he ran into trouble. I've also been seeing a lot more male nurses at my local healthcare facility, both in the allergy clinic and with my family practitioner, so is nice to be able to write a male nurse.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as we enjoyed writing them!

Luck in the Making by Kelly Wyre

For Jeffrey Ross, life is all about disaster management and recovery. Even a
ride on the subway presents its challenges. Thankfully, though, Jeffrey
works for Maxwell Clark, who not only notices difficult struggles and brave
deeds, he believes in easing the first by rewarding the second. And this
Valentine's Day, Clark's decides that Jeffrey is long overdue for some sweet
strokes of manmade good fortune.

Get your copy today:

Swing Shift by H.J. Raine

Valentine's Day is just another day in the line of duty for Officer Ed
Sorenson: investigate a murder, save a life, file the paperwork. But when Ed
has to step out of the closet to help an injured boy and to be a role model
for the New Amsterdam Police Department, he finds unexpected solace in a man
who understands what it takes to keep the city and its citizens safe.

Pick up your copy today:
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