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Y!Gallery Updates

For those of you are are Y!Gallery flotsam and jetsam, demented_dee has heard more of their situation, and it looks like it's going as well as could be expected for a purely volunteer site.  Go check her journal out for updates and who to contact about what.
I used to go to Y Gallery quite a bit, and then when I switched to using Firefox a lot, it seemed to give the site such indigestion, I just got out of the habit of going there, it was so frustrating. Plus, at that point, I was mostly still into just Saiyuki, and that fandom there seemed pretty inactive. I did enjoy it back when I used it, in my early days of yaoi-exploration. It was one of the first fanfic sites I ever went to.
Er.... this was several years ago, and I could swear I had been using explorer, but was switching all of my stuff over to firefox, and couldn't get Y!Gallery to work with the firefox. I think I remember getting messages that they were in the midst of switching or something.... There just was not that much going on in the Saiyuki stuff there to motivate me to stay and deal with it. I spent a lot of time on there when I first got into fanfiction, and enjoyed it, but then I sort of found a home on LJ, and also got involved in an RP around the same time that sucked up a lot of time and energy, and I just ended up drifting away from YG altogether.