Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Bleach Fanfiction : Afterparty 1 of 2

Title: Afterparty Part I of II
Series: Monoshizukanohi//Bleach AU
Author: demented_dee & me
Genre: Drama/Romance/Kink
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Foursome: Byakuya & Renji // Kisuke & Shuuhei
Word Count: Complete. Total ~16K.
Warnings/Notes: THIS CHAPTER: D/s Relationships, impact play, denial, toys, hand job, oral, foursome, side story
Spoilers: None whatsoever.

Summary: After an evening of dinner and drinks, Byakuya suggests that they take the party to a more private venue.

A/N: This story comes after demented_dee's story, Closet Games, and after Getaway & Willow the collaborative stories I wrote with demented_dee. For information about who these men are in Dee's world, check out those links for the explanations, tattoo descriptions (Shuuhei's tats are different in my world), and fan art! Not necessary to enjoy THIS story, which is essentially four beautiful men spending some quality time at home. It's pretty self-contained.

Go on over to Dee's journal to read: Afterparty Part 1
Tags: bleach, fanfic, shuuhei, urahara

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