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I'm really woozy this morning. Jet's had a pretty tough weekend, but he's finally looking like he's gotten through whatever it was. He was fine Saturday until after we all went to the Boulder County Fair. He actually was great during the fair, absorbing everything, and quiet and happy to just sit bolt upright in his stroller and watch everything and vibrate a little at all the lights, motion, people, new things, and new input. It would be fair to say that he was probably overloaded a bit that afternoon, but he seemed to be enjoying it all so much.

John and I got to ride the Ferris wheel, it's been a very long time, but it was so fun to just sit and gracefully swoop up into the air and down again and see the world around us. It's so flat just even a bit east of the mountains that we could see in all directions and it was just gorgeous. Ray and Joan and Alex and Haley had come with us, so they watched Jet while we rode, though we could have taken Jet with us, it was fun not to have to worry about dropping him over the side.

Since then, however, Jet really woke up a lot at night both Saturday night and last night, so both John and I are well sleep-deprived. But it wasn't just the fair, we think, as Tylenol seems to get him less frantic, and he seems to be teething, have a light fever on and off, and was really fussy continually. It didn't help that we'd thrown in the factor of his first meat this weekend, he actually had some Gerber's chicken and gravy both Friday and Sunday. Plus I had thrown in horchata in my diet, which I hadn't had for a while. Plus he really calmed down a lot when I massaged his feet and after I gave him an all-over massage on Sunday evening. It's been a while since I've been able to find the time to give him his massage, and that might have been another factor.

All told, it was a pretty tiring weekend, and this morning, Jet went back to sleep at 7, and I followed, and we both slept until nearly 9, when John woke me up to ask what to do. Jet woke up soon after, so I just fed him and we told Joan that Jet would be arriving late. That worked. Especially since my meeting ran long, so I had to pick him up late anyway. That was very good.

But I'm just kind of mentally and physically bleary this morning.

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