Wheee!! Print Books!

The two books that demented_dee and I wrote are now out in paperback, through Torquere's print services, so the paperbacks are available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Here's the Amazon listings for the books: Hearts Under Fire and Winter's Knight. Neither of them have the cover art on the Amazon listing for the print book (though they are on the Kindle versions), so I thought I'd just put the cover art here, so you can see how pretty they'll be when you actually get them.

Torquere was really cool and when they accepted the second book in the series, they put us on their series contract, so that we actually get to get a better percentage and actually have a print book contract with them.

And just as a caveat for those new to these publications, these books are both Male/Male erotic romances. The characterizations and plot are key to the erotic scenes, but they do get pretty explicit, and they both involve BDSM Scene elements. Just so you can judge if they're to your taste.
Fantastic! Those covers look great. Well done, and brilliant news on the series contract!
*beams* They were very very good to us, and we gave a lot of details and they followed them, too.
Big time congrats to you guys. I'm pretty jealous right now *laughs* and wish my writer brain would co-operate and let me finish a full novel instead of continually throwing these shorts and novellas at my feet to be tripped over.
*grins* It is a real marathon to get a whole novel put together, plotlines and all, but it's been fun!

And, hey, folks do like your shorts a lot, too!!