Contests and Donations

So demented_dee is holding a contest, every month, where anyone that donates $2 or more to her paypal will get an entry into her drawing. She just drew a prize winner, and I've been helping with some of the prizes, but the prize will be different every month, depending on her mood. *laughs*

The money is going to go toward various things, including a website that will contain everything, including fanfiction as well as all the new original stuff, for both of us, so I thought I'd do a shoutout as well, as I shall benefit from the proceeds.
So this is your way of volunteering to do the winning video next month, isn't it?


How do you feel about a bunny tail and a snake whip with a side of origami?


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*eye roll* You know *exactly* how I feel. *grins*

I'll be happy to serve up the origami and maybe the snake whip, but... bunny tail? I think Kris would have something to say about that. XD

God... one can hope he does.

One can most certainly hope.

*grinning unabashedly while shoving Skylar back in the closet*
The opportunity to give back to both of you by donating is great.
Its really cool that the proceeds are going in part to a future site to house your amazing works!

The vid DP put together for the drawing was very cute. If there happens to be another one next month & you just so happened to involve yourself, I wouldn't hate it. ; p

Also, I'm almost finished with Winter's Knight. I've had a lovely time reading it so far and I'm excited (but hopelessly dragging the experience out as long as possible) to read the rest. Lucian and Shea are like dessert for me. So good!

...I'm a little lost. Bunny tail? Whip? Origami?
But yes to all the above.
: D
*dances about*

Very very cool. Very very happy that you like the book!! And also glad that you'll be enjoying the fun, too. It's wonderful to have supporters.

Thanks so much for this post -- I hadn't read any of DD's fics before, and your post led me to a lovely couple of late nights reading her "Flood" Bleach fics, which proved to be an absolutely perfect antidote to what has been a very stressful week. I will be sure to donate to the cause, and I can't wait to watch that video (I was reading the fics on the kindle late at night, and couldn't watch it on there!) I wish I knew more about Naruto - I am probably not familiar enough with it to really be able to fully appreciate her Monoshizukanohi world, but I may have to attempt it anyway!

I can really see how you and she are a natural wonderful fit for cooperative writing projects. Once my life settles down a little, I would love to start reading some of the works you and she have produced together. What would be the best place to start? And many thanks again for this rec, my friend!
Very happy you're enjoying her writing! Yes, there are lots of compatibilities between us. *grins*

I'd say start with Hearts Under Fire, then New Deal, and Winter's Knight. The two short stories, Dee's Luck in the Making, and my Swing Shift, are side stories with side characters. They're fun. *grins* But I'd stay go ahead and start with Hearts Under Fire, and go through the series so far... we're working on the next two books... (laughs)

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Thanks for the guidance - I have saved my email notification of your comment so I will have it handy, and will get started on them soon. I have to finish Twin Souls first, though! (I can't tell you how much I am enjoying it! ♥ )
*beams* So very happy that you're enjoying Twin Souls!! I'm still working on finishing it properly, too!!

Thank you, so much!