Contests and Donations

So demented_dee is holding a contest, every month, where anyone that donates $2 or more to her paypal will get an entry into her drawing. She just drew a prize winner, and I've been helping with some of the prizes, but the prize will be different every month, depending on her mood. *laughs*

The money is going to go toward various things, including a website that will contain everything, including fanfiction as well as all the new original stuff, for both of us, so I thought I'd do a shoutout as well, as I shall benefit from the proceeds.
So this is your way of volunteering to do the winning video next month, isn't it?


How do you feel about a bunny tail and a snake whip with a side of origami?


Edited at 2012-05-03 11:35 pm (UTC)
*eye roll* You know *exactly* how I feel. *grins*

I'll be happy to serve up the origami and maybe the snake whip, but... bunny tail? I think Kris would have something to say about that. XD

God... one can hope he does.

One can most certainly hope.

*grinning unabashedly while shoving Skylar back in the closet*