Learning New Things...

Finally wanted to learn more knitting things, so I'm actually working on an entrelac cowl and using backward knitting to accomplish it! I want to show it to people when I'm done. *laughs*

It rained all day, and I'm pretty tired, but mostly content. Jet's last day of school is tomorrow, and we had a party at the bus stop this morning, to celebrate a year well met. I made oatmeal scones, and someone brought orange chicken!! *laughs* I love potluck.

I so admire people who can knit. I am very left-handed, and somehow directionally-disabled (I think it's some form of dyscalcula) so learning anything like that is very hard for me, and downright impossible if a right-handed person is trying to teach me. I taught myself some basic crochet, but that's all I've ever managed to do.

Mmmmm.... oatmeal scones.... *drools*
If you haven't found it yet, I reccomend Ravelry.com for lots of nice patterns :-D
Also a question: Do you knit with the yarn in the left or the right hand? I'm used to have it in my left hand, and what she doesn't seem like a very efficient way to do it...
You are! And quite well, too.

I'm both, actually. I've done enough color work that I actually carry one yarn in each hand, and can both throw and pick. I also swap off when one hand gets more or less tired.

I figured out how to do that, too!! And I also figured out the reverse purl for fun, too. *laughs*

But very very cool!!
Oooh. Entrelac is a huge amount of fun, as is backwards knitting - I love the engineering side of knitting, if that makes sense.

What kind of yarn are you using for the project?

(and now I want to find something to do in entrelac so I can use some of my leftover Noro)
I'm using my leftover Noro!! *laughs* It's all the tail ends from doing pairs of bright fingerless mitts, and a whole ball of the browns in Kureyon to kind of hold it thematically together.

It is a ton of fun.

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