You say "big dog" like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Yours was more like a small black bear.

I still remember the kids playing in the creek... suddenly shrieking, "Bear! It's a BEAR!"

Then another kid going, "Naw... that's just a dog."

Then there was this huge Ker-Splash and more shrieking.

I think you're right, he was pretty much like a small bear and would have made very short work of a sweet potato. *laughs*
Blueberry muffin?
What blueberry muffin?

Is that a chocolate bar?
Re: Blueberry muffin?
Us: "You gave him a shoe?"
Grandma: "I thought he'd chew it, not eat it!"
Re: Blueberry muffin?
We got a basset-beagle mix from the SPCA shortly after we moved into a very small condo back when my daughter was young, and as soon as we got the dog home, it was apparent it was a MUCH bigger dog than it had appeared in the cage in the SPCA, and we'd made a huge mistake. Several weeks later we found a lovely home for her in the country with a really sweet family. One week after they took her in, she ate an entire chocolate pound cake the wife had left cooling on the counter. Fortunately, by then they were so smitten with her, it wasn't a big deal!

I enjoyed that sweet potato story so much I just read it out loud to my Best Beloved, who also enjoyed it. Thanks for posting it - it's been a trying day (no power through most of it, and 100+ heat) - I needed a good laugh!
Re: Blueberry muffin?
It's so good that you realized your mistake and found a better place for her! That's really cool.

*giggles* Very happy to provide a diversion!
oh my gods! ~lololol~
XDDD Our dog fortunately was too medium-sized and too sensible to steal food from the counter... however, if you left him alone too long he'd haul used kleenex out of trash bins and POINTEDLY leave them gnawed up in the middle of the floor, and until the end of his days, any time one of us entered the laundry room (where his biscuits were kept) he'd follow us with sad spaniel eyes hoping we'd give him one... this trait meant it took me a *week* after he died before I could go into the laundry room without tearing up.
*fals over giggling* Yes... poor abandoned Dogs Do Things. *laughs*

Love the stories that come from it. *laughs*
That is one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen, those dogs in elk. Aieee...

That is a funny, this writer knows how to share the pain.
Have you run across her other journal?
Amusement factor is very high.
She writes essays and reviews on fandom and such.
I thought you might be interested in perusing
In your copious free time, of course
Hope you are having a great summer!
I had not!! I have friended it now, and am going through it with much amusement.

My utterly copious free time... WHICH I SHOULD BE SPENDING WRITING MORE WINTER WAR OR TWIN SOULS. Ahem. Hrmph. *laughs*

I am having a wonderful summer, and I hope you are too!!
"Is that your dog out in your car's driver suit honking the horn? We thought it was a man in a bear suit."

(Even better, she figured out who the owner was by coming in and looking for the person with the giant bone and the giant bowl at the register, saying, "I hope that's not Moose honking the horn....")
I love it when people help to take care of a dog that isn't theirs. *laughs*

I love that she found you that way, too. *giggles*