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Did a really lovely review of Winter's Knight on their collection of Torquere author's reviews.  You can find the review here.

They also did rather extensive interviews about how we view writing, how we do our work, and what it took for us to get published through Torquere's publications abilities.  You can find mine here, and Kelly Wyre's here. It was actually a lot of fun doing it, and finding where our answers both differed and were similar.  

It's kind of a fun read.
Read both reviews with great interest, and I will be buying the first book of the series some time this week! Congrats on the great publicity! (And I will probably be friending your other journal at some point, too, just so I can keep an eye on things you are up to over there! ♥ )

edit: forgot to say - I particularly enjoyed the insights you had on the writing process itself, and found them very helpful and inspiring!

Have a great Fourth! ^____^

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Ooooo... excellent! *dances about happily* I'd love it if you friended Raine. *laughs* I do try to announce things there before they're going out.

Very very happy you liked the interview!

I hope you had a good Fourth, too!! We're about to dive into a HUGE family reunion. *laughs*