Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

25th Anniversary Celebration

John and I wanted a local thing. So didn't invite everyone we knew from everywhere, mostly just local folks that we knew, and put a little announcement in our church bulletin. It was pretty scalable, we'd supply drinks, everyone else would bring a potluck dessert.

We rented the local pool, which was available on Sundays after 7.

For the last two weeks at about 3 or 4 a thunderstorm roared in, wind blowing, rain falling, and thunder and lightning cracking all through the sky.

Today, for the first time in all that time, we didn't get the huge cloud build up. There were clouds drifting by, but they were thin, not the big thunderheads we get around here, and they simply cut the worst of the sun. By 6:30 it was obvious it wasn't going to thunderstorm, and we loaded up the van with 5 gallons of my ginger ale, 3 gallons of lemonade, and a couple gallons of iced tea for those that didn't want more sugar with their dessert along with our swim gear. We'd bought cups, plates, plastic utensils, and got them all in a couple of bags as well.

And two people greeted us there, who had been there since 5 in anticipation of the party. *laughs* And right at 7 a dozen more people arrived. By the time the lifeguards had cleared everyone else out, we already had about 50 folks there, and many of the kids were already jumping into the water.

We ended up with nearly 125 people in the place, and there were two tables filled with desserts of all kinds. The lovely part of the potluck was that it was going to scale to the number of people that came. Everyone came to greet us as they came in, and I had a blast just saying hello to everyone and taking some pictures.

Lots of people went swimming, but there were a very large number of people that didn't, either, and they stood around and enjoyed themselves and talked for a long time. It was good having a pretty even mix of people for the whole thing, and no one was left out of anything. It was an eclectic enough of a crowd that everyone got someone to talk to. Someone even had the chance to read a book for a while, since that's what they wanted to do, and I was very happy about that.

I got to swim a little, too. Climb the stairs for the slides, and have some of the boys that were going down with me cheerfully say, "Hey, Mrs. Rostykus! Happy Anniversary! Are you having fun, too?"

"Yes. Yes, I'm having a blast. You enjoying this?"



It was fun and it was good, and it was a huge crowd and everyone came by to say that they'd had a lovely time before they left. Everyone took their leftovers, other than the ones I'd requested, or a few slices of a store bought cheesecake, and the things that were left we cleaned up. A half a dozen people stayed to clean up and pick up and the lifeguards were commenting, "No one ever picks up! You are totally welcome back again."

I think we're going to have to do it again, sometime...
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