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The seasons changed, once again, and Jet is back in school. The weather is turning cool again, and I'm having the usual urge to bake and make slow cooked dinners in the oven.

This year, however, Jet is in middle school, and is having more to adjust to than ever before. He's figuring out complex schedules, multiple due dates, and how to communicate with his teachers figure out exactly what's due on what dates. He's also getting frustrated a little more easily than before, but I've made it a priority to make sure he gets heard. That seems to be the best I can do.

Kelly Wyre and I have released another story with Torquere Press, it's an 11,000 word novella called Shot in the Dark, and stars the indomitable Clark in his past playing with one of his submissives at Break. Ellis was in Hearts under Fire, as just a side character, but he gets his own story here in preparation for a New Amsterdam novel we've planned.

After John's family reunion there was the brush to get everything ready for Jet to go to school. Last several months have been eaten by putting together the real novel for West and David. The plot has been lovely and complex, and we're hammering it together in about 100,000 words. It's more about their magical world and the conflicts rising in it than before, but their romance is still true.

Both of us have been working a little bit too hard, and feeling the effects physically. I'm showing symptoms of my upper body overuse and all kinds of ways.

The neighborhood pool, however, has been of great help. Going swimming as both cooled off inflamed muscles and tendons, and the increased circulation has really helped carry away a lot of the ache, but the pool closes this coming weekend. Jet and I have really enjoyed going swimming nearly every day after he comes home from school. During the summer, it was essential for keeping cool.

But now that the weather has cooled off, I've gotten back into riding my bike for errands and lifting weights. One of the especially lucky things happened just yesterday. Weeks ago, I decided that I really needed a weight bench in order to do a number of the lifting exercises correctly. Yesterday, John got on craigslist and found a weight bench for just $25, when the very same model went for over a hundred at the local sports store. He called, said he was coming to pick it up, and we went.

It was exactly as advertised, nearly brand-new and in perfect condition. So John paid him, and we brought it home. So now, I am sore all over, for good reason. It is especially satisfying to know what we want so that we can jump on it we see that it's a good price.

Another thing I'm doing, is getting ready for Big Bad Con in the Bay Area in early October. Carl had recommended the convention, so I am signed up, and getting ready for the game sign-ups the Saturday. It's going to be an interesting scramble, but I have three alarm set all over the house so that I'll be able to get online in time. It's been about a year since I gamed in Oakland, and it's time I go back.

I hope to do more updates in the future, but I'm starting to realize that I'm really saving my hands for the writing when I can. The lovely thing is that when I do have a little time, I can just dictate here as I need.
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