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A Week of Single Parenthood

I've spent the last week being a single parent, and as usual, I emerge with all the more respect and awe for anyone that has to do this on a regular basis. Plus a healthy dose of thankfulness that I can choose to do this or not, sometimes.

There were also a few things that happened along the way...

John was off in Seattle for a high school reunion and to help his Mom out with cleaning out a few things and figuring out what to do with a great deal of other things. And just to see her and enjoy being with her, which I think is really cool. I love that they have such a great relationship, and when John planned the trip I really wanted to make it work.

I was, however, kind of anxious about the whole getting Jet to School thing as I don't actually to too much of that. On top of that, the weather here changed. Up to this point, Jet has ridden his bike to and from school pretty much every day. The late summer, early fall weather in Colorado is, as ever, clear as a bell. But on Wednesday and into Thursday it rained, so the carpool got called into action. It's a car pool that involves eight different parents for two different time schedules, and some of the parents pick their kids up after school and others don't as there is the option of a bus. So I had to learn the system really really quickly and made a few pretty solid mistakes through it.

Including, one day when Jet got brought to school by a mom that didn't pick up, I totally forgot to get him. Another mom, called to school by her daughter who was also in the same fix, picked both of them up and brought Jet home. It didn't help that while Jet had memorized John's number, John was in the midst of a visit with friends and didn't recognize the number. Jet hadn't memorized mine. So now he has both numbers in his binder (which he always carries with him to and from school) where he can't lose them for next time. It also helped finally figuring out that Jet could have just walked home. It isn't that far, but with his trombone it would have been more difficult.

I was thankful to the mother that did rescue him.

Since about July, we've been getting hiccoughs from the water heater. It's well out of warranty (six years and we've had it eight already), so it's not too much of a surprise. Still, the pilot light went out in July when we had umpteen many people in the house, and one of the cousin's husbands started it then because John was out of the house at a bar that night. I think it knows when John's gone, as the pilot light went out again. I went down to relight it at midnight one night, gave up when it didn't seem to catch, and went back at it first thing the next morning. I wanted to wash the dishes! *laughs*

I lay on the basement floor, thankful it wasn't in a dirt crawl space, and tried to light it for a good half an hour. It caught once, the whole array of burners turned on for a few seconds, and then the whole thing stopped. I tested the stove burners upstairs and they worked just fine, so it wasn't the gas line. I finally called John to figure out who to call, and found the receipt for the original sale of the water heater in John's records. I called them. They said they were on the way to a job just south of us anyway, so they sent someone to look.

He went down, and I stayed at my desk, and started to hear banging on the gas pipes. *laughs*

He told me, a few minutes later, that sometimes stuff gets stuck in the pilot light controller, and you just have to bang "the silver box" a few times to get it loosened up and burnt out. He lit the pilot light, and said he'd wait a little while to see if it went out, and that he'd call me back in an hour to see how it was going. I asked him if I owed him anything, and he shook his head. "If I call back and it's out, you might need parts and stuff. Let's deal with that then."

So he went off to have his lunch, and I went back to work. An hour later, he called, and I ran into the basement to look. The pilot light was still on, and I told him so. He sounded pretty satisfied, and when I asked him if he was going send a bill, he said not to worry about it this time, and that if something else happened down the line to not hesitate in using something to bang that box, or, if that didn't work, to call them again.

So I got the water heater fixed for free! That was very very cool.

When I finally had hot water again, I started watching the dishes that had piled up for a day or so, and I haven't been sleeping all that well with John gone. I also had to get up far earlier for Jet, and so I was pretty tired. My hand slipped while I was washing a chef's knife, and I cut myself pretty solidly.

I just wrapped a Kleenex around the finger and put pressure on it in the tried and true ways of Girl Scout First Aid, threw a Band-Aid over it to keep it covered, and went to the Longmont Clinic. I had to get allergy shots anyway, so I went to the Urgent Care folks. One of the nurses took a look, put a butterfly bandage on it with plenty of antibiotic cream and sent me on to get my shots. It hadn't touched tendons or anything important, it was just a flesh wound! Not even big enough to make a stitch worthwhile. The beauty of being cut by such a sharp knife is that the cut's unlikely to even leave a scar. So that was much better than it could have been as well.

I am glad, however, that John made it home last night, just fine. A little tired, but very happy that he'd gone. So we're good, now, and it's great to be on more even keel again.
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