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World Cup!!

The World Cup started this morning.

The Avalanche lost game six AGAIN. Though they were missing four and sometimes five starters during the game, it just felt like they've, yet again, put their backs to the wall. They may pull it out with another cardiac performance in game Seven, but even the locals started this series thinking it might be the Red Wings in seven. We'll have to see. I still shake my head at the fact that Hinote got his leg broken in game five and still played the rest of the game. He's supposed to be out for the rest of the season, but knowing him he might just be there for Seven. Then again, the Avalanche, recently, have had good game Sevens, it's just that they've had them Four Times In A Row. Nice to be able to close those cuts.

In the midst of the Avalanche just finishing off the Western Finals, the World Cup in S. Korea and Japan is starting. Wow. I am a happy sports couch camper.

And it started this morning with Senegal beating France, who is the previous World Cup winner! Little Senegal is just going wild, no one expected this, and France came out slow and old and missing one of their key players, but...*wow*. It's quite the shake up for the major powers that be. Though it's not a decisive thing as this is just the first rounds, where there's eight pools of four teams and everyone plays a round robin in their pool to see who advances to the round of sixteen, which turns into single elimination. While there's something to be said about the measurement of great teams over seven games like for the hockey playoffs, there's something thrilling about everything riding on Just One Game.

I'm looking forward to seeing Owen play for Britain. I'm looking forward to seeing Camaroon with their wild, open, creative and just plain all-out style of play, taking over in style and beauty though not for wins, yet, from the Brazilians who've turned brutish and ugly in their desperation for wins. I wonder how Spain will do this year with all their talent pissed away the last several tournaments. I want to see if gusty S. Korea, who's never made it out of the first round, will respond to being on home turf. I wonder how US team will do, this time away from their home turf and the support and energy of their crowds. My VCR is going to be busy, with a lot of the games at 2am or 5am mountain time. Then again, if Jet's up for a couple hours at night, I now know what I can watch.

The World Cup is oddly like the and unlike the Olympics. It's a meeting of nations, but there's no feel-good Child Of Light, no ceremonies for fairness or evenhanded judging (hey, today's headlines covering the World Cup *start* with some about cheating...) or pretty girls dancing for all the world to see. The competition is the thing... and the nationalism is undisguised. It's about pride and that's always interesting for me to see, and it's just intriguing how the atmosphere is so different from the Olympics. </lj-cut

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