The Eyes Have It

Went for my first eye exam since the whole craziness with the infection and the figuring out how to control my dry eye and allergy irritation. I didn't go back to my opthemologist, not because he was incompetent or anything but because every time I make an appointment with his office I have to spend three to four hours there.

I had much, much better luck with Third Avenue Eye Care.

One of my ongoing concerns has been glaucoma as both my parents have it, and my pressures have read very high during the whole irritation episode, especially when I was on steroid drops. High enough that my doctor at that time took me off of them and put me on over the counter Clear Eye for a while just to get it under control, even when my eyes were just killing me. The thing was that no one's ever found nerve damage, and there isn't any deterioration that normally occurs when the pressure rises that high.

Dr. Wolford had done some research and found that the thickness of the cornea actually affects the pressure readings, and if the cornea is especially thick, it reads higher than the actual pressure in the eye. It turns out that I have especially thick corneas, to the point where a reading of 20, which is unsafe, may well mean that I actually only have a mid-teen pressure, which is safe and would explain my lack of nerve damage. That was amazingly good news

Turns out that my glasses prescription is off a bit, and I picked out frames, got a quote on the lenses that made me sigh. I couldn't decide on the frames, so took them home to try them on. Jet thought I looked funny in all of them. But I went back today to order the pair I wanted. It turns out that the quote was more than two hundred dollars under the real cost.

This is one of those situations I've always had trouble with in the past, as I knew that they expected me to just buy them. I asked for a minute to make a call, and went outside to talk with John about the whole situation and the surprise. And I finally decided that I really didn't want to buy the new glasses. Last year, I'd spent so much on the pair that I have now, which work pretty well most of the time, that I couldn't see myself paying even that much more again for something I didn't feel like I really needed. So I actually went into the place and said that I wasn't going to get the glasses right now.

They were surprised by that, but I just smiled, apologized politely, and asked for my prescription. They gave it to me, and I walked out and felt oddly good about myself for being able to just say that I wasn't going to get what I didn't feel I needed.

I might well get a pair of single vision reading glasses, as the reading power on my progressives is a little too high for comfort; but that's going to be nearly a quarter of the price of the other, especially if I use a set of frames I already have. That might be a better solution all around, and would make me a lot happier.
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I get my prescription and walk out all the time. Yay you!

Actually, that reminds me of years ago, shortly after they'd developed the newer technology that allowed them to see minor astigmitisms, they told me I had one and that I needed glasses to correct it. I was like "Nobody ever said anything about one before. Don't correct for it, my vision is fine," and ordered new glasses.

When they arrived, they'd corrected for the astigmitism. I wore them about thirty minutes, brought them back, and said, "I'm not going to wear these. I have other glasses that don't make me crazy to look through, so I'm not going to wear them. Take them back and remove the astigmitism correction like I told you to in the first place."

"Try them," they said, "you'll get used to the correction."

"You are not hearing me," I said. "I have other glasses. I will not wear these. I am returning them to you. You may refund me my money."

We went through that like three times before they finally grasped that I meant it. Not exactly killer customer service.

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I do need to be more like that. Whew. Thank you so much for the encouragement and the example!

Love that you did that, too, and made them refund the money when they did specifically what you didn't want.
I buy my glasses from and I've been well pleased. You can get nice frames for under $75CAN and I think my glasses with an anti-scratch coating and shipping were about $130CAN. Shipping was super fast, too. I can't speak on the cost of progressives as I don't wear those but they are very reasonable pricewise.
Oh! NICE!!

Thank you so much, that is very helpful. I haven't even tried to look at online resources for glasses, as I just didn't think of it. I like doing my research without having to undergo the pressure of talking to people, so this is really great.

I just bought 3 pairs of glasses for $130 at eyebuydirect. The regular single vision ones were less than $20 and the sunglasses were more. I was really impressed-- it does mean you have to get the pupil distance from the doctor, but since I knew to ask for that, ordering was easy. I'm still dealing with the fact that my ears are off kilter so my unadjusted glasses tend to tilt but once I find a small pair of pliers and some steam, it will be fixed. I really had to guess on frames, but for <$20, I didn't feel bad. I also measured my current glasses to make sure I wasn't getting something smaller than I had. It was kind of fun. No one at all has commented on the glasses so I assume they don't look awful. My only sales pressure was searching for a coupon that got it down from $152.
Oh, wow. Thank you so much! That's really cool, and once again, I do love asking things in public forums. The answers I get are so much better than the ones I come up with. *laughs*

I'll definitely do this, and appreciate the information very much.
Good for you for standing up for what's right. (Yes, for yourself, also, but that doesn't make it any less right :-).)
That is the crux of it, isn't it? *laughs* I'll stand up for anyone I love in an instant, but for me?!? That's absurd...

*hugs you* Thank you.
I'm glad you have thick corneas then! And good for you for listening to your self.
Yes! I was very pleased, and the doctor was as well, which was nice.

And thank you.