Not Sure Why....

... I always end up coughing blood when I write Ukitake.

I've been picking up Twin Souls again in an attempt to find my own voice. It's been good, rough in some ways, but really good again. I've been also talking with Luke, my gay pastor, on a regular basis about the whole story and he's been fascinated, which has been a lot of fun. I've also been fighting, for the last week and a half, an upper respiratory tract infection that went deep enough to... well, yeah... remind me of why I was writing Jyuushiro in the first place.

I got a visit from chronomorphosis for a night, while he was on his way across the country, and put him and his cat up for one night, and it was great to just sit and talk One Piece with him.

I've also been doing other things that I haven't done for so long that it's been fun and bemusing to pick them up again. The first of which has been painting. It's the annual Empty Bowls event, a benefit for the OUR center, Longmont's local food bank, day shelter, and daycare for homeless families. Because I'd been missing painting for so long, I did two bowls, and I caught some of the pre and post firing images just for fun.

Some of the pre-firing pictures of the Ponderosa Pine and Pygmy Nuthatch bowl:

Nuthatch ExteriorNuthatch Interior

Post-firing pictures were courtesy of Crackpots, and I have to admit I really love the sunflower bowl that was pictured with it and I wish they'd shot the bird as well as the pine needles. If it's in the auction I'll get better pictures of the outside.

ponderosa and Nuthatch bowlponderosa and Nuthatch bowl

The following was done on a whim, because I have this really cheerful bowl a teenage girl had painted that has a big smiley face and just lots of COLOR to it... and I wanted to do something 'random' that didn't really turn out to be that random in the end. The entire quote is "Luminous beings are we..." which is by Yoda. *laughs* And given how it looked pre-firing I had absolutely no faith in how it would turn out. All those pastels really drove me nuts...

Luminousinteriorpainted bottom of space bowl

But when I went back to Crackpots to take the pictures later in the week, my hopes were raised when the ladies behind the counter said, "Oh! The Space Bowl!" And I figured that what I'd hoped would happen really did... and so it was. I love seeing the sheer contrast of the outside, pre-firing and post-firing... that twilight blue really darkened up in the kiln.

bowl_luminousinside bowl facebowl_bottom

All in all I count that as a success.

I've also read the whole of the first of the Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood series, and it was really fun and I loved how all the plot elements melded together, and I should probably rank them on Good Reads, too. I really enjoyed them and being able to talk with Jet about them. *laughs*

They're fast enough reads that I have plenty of time to hit writing goals as well. That's been nice, too.
I look forward to more Twin Souls, though I would really prefer you not to be getting quite that far into the spirit of the thing!

Those bowls are gorgeous.

I like the Percy Jackson series too. I've read the first series and am now as far through the second series as is out so far. The author does like cliffhangers, drat him...
Yes! Drat him...

He ends every book with one. *laughs*

I do prefer NOT getting that far into the spirit of things either. *laughs* But it certainly does inform me on the methods...

Thank you about the bowls! I'm rather pleased for once, and have done the proper Buddhist thing of releasing attachment of them, and will simply see how they go. If they are in the auction it will be cool to see them again and if not, I may be able to snag one as my own. *grins* And otherwise, I simply release them into what Is. *laughs*

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I'd probably better not send you a few bottles of alcohol to assist you in writing Shunsui, then. :)

Your philosophical detachment is admirable, and I wish I could do as well with my work.
Ooo... alcohol for Shunsui...

We just found a distillery here that has absolutely excellent spirits. *laughs* That might be inspiring...

It is a hope, not as actual as I might say. *laughs*
Wow! Those bowls are amazing! I'm glad you posted this. I was just thinking recently that I missed seeing stuff you painted. :)
*beams* Wow... cool to know that it was missed... and I love that this annual event really gets me to look up again and do it again.

Thank you!!
Your bowls are utterly gorgeous! I can't get over the transformation of the colors in the second one!

Also, I'm looking forward to seeing more Twin Souls! Although, coughing up blood is not a good way to get more in tune with the character you're writing! I hope the respiratory infection clears up soon.
Yes! The color transformation seems magical to me, because the colors they use to pigment the liquid glazes sometimes have nothing to do with the actual color that happens when they melt. And in the pictures the glazes with the white speckles don't really show the speckles until they're fired. It really feels like magic to me, sometimes. *laughs* And it's really different holding the bowl in my hands than in the pictures too... I may have to make one for myself. With the extra practice and evidence of how it turns out I might be more confident with a second.

Thank you so much for the health wishes. I do need to recover some. But 5000 words on the next chapter and it's nigh on done! And I have the rough outlines for the rest of the story. Whew...
Beautiful bowls! I'm so glad you're feeling creative and inspired again. And I look forward to reading more of the Twin Souls series.

But please don't cough up any more blood.
*hugs* I'll try not to!! I'm definitely getting better, but it's been a crazy week.

Happy you like the bowls!!
Ok first, PLEASE please be careful of that chest issue - not only me, but several people I know both online and here in town have had what they thought was just a "chest cold" or flu, and it ended up being pneumonia or bronchitis - in my case it was both. Seven weeks and two rounds of powerful antibiotics later, I'm still weak and woozy, running fevers, wheezing at night, and end up coughing and flat on my back for days if I get overly-ambitous and try to do too much (like almost anything...) Please be careful!!!!

Ok, lecture over. *hugs you gently and gives you warm tea*

Now, *arms flailing* I love your painting on those bowls!!!!!! It makes me miss doing pottery - the glazework is at least half of the fun of it for me. I have a room in my garage that would be perfect for a studio: it's just waiting for a used kiln & wheel, if I ever can just get some kind of financial windfall. It even has a deep sink and built in shelves for the supplies and for the pots to dry on. (Unfortunately, for the time being we continue to have much more pressing financial fires to put out on a regular basis, just to keep our home and vehicles running, which takes priority. *sigh*) But I absolutely love all the ones you did, especially the nuthatch and the celestial one. I'm sure whoever bids on and wins each one of them will be very pleased and happy to have them. ♥
*hugs warmly* Thank you for the warning. I got the pneumococcus vaccine last year, so I'm not too worried about that; however, I have had various types of bronchitis before, so it is a concern for me. I'm pretty susceptible, as you are well aware. *laughs*

I did get checked out, and there's no secondary infection, just the cold that my son and I seem to be sharing. The productive cough was just extra-productive one night. TMI. And I have no more fever compared to the first few days of this thing. Still, as you and blu have suggested, I did get a medical professional to look me over, and it's all right.

Thank you!! *happily sips the hot tea with lemon*

I'm so glad you like the bowls!! You would have been into pottery!! *laughs* That's very very cool. I do love doing just the glazework and letting the studio foot the bill for all the support and equipment... those u-paint places are a lot of fun and relatively inexpensive, especially since for these charity items they waive the studio fee!

Thank you so much!! ♥
Hey you there...
It's great to see you!
Now seriously, you're coughing up blood?
This is very concerning, my dear. How about you consult a Dr about that? Maybe you're like me and you don't want to see a Dr, but why don't you do it anyway? Because I, and i'm sure alot of others here, really do care about you! I have a blood issue that i've been shoving under the rug forever, because I just don't want to deal with the ugly possibilities, but i'm finally going to see a Dr next week and whatever it is, it is. I'm scared, but I believe that if I need friends and support to get through, i'll have that support and real friends, right here. Well, same goes for you!!!
Please, check this out and do what you have to, so that you're okay? *Encouraging Hugs!*
Your pottery bowls are beautiful! I love them! They're a sweet expression of you, sunny and loving is what I see.
This also makes me think of my daughter J, the one who lives w/me. She loves to paint, but hasn't painted in over a year. Also, she wants to become a prosthetic make-up artist, working in films and such. She's a cosmetologist now, doing makeup and hair, but as you would understand, she's an artist who needs to stretch her creativity outside a basic hair salon. I'll be happy for J, when she can finally go back to school for this!
Okay, one last time before I go, please have that coughing checked out? **Sending you positive healing thoughts and prayers!*
Re: Hey you there...
*hugs you solidly*

I have seen my family doctor and am quite clear of secondary infections and their opinion is that the blood isn't something to be concerned about. I have scarred up areas that do sometimes break when I'm coughing fairly hard, so it's just far too much like Jyuushiro *laughs*. I am very happy you're so concerned and care. Good luck with your appointment next week!! I hope that things go well for you!!

*beams* Very happy you like the bowls! It will be good when J can go back to school and stretch her creative muscles more.

Thank you so much for the very kind thoughts. *hugs again*