Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Not Sure Why....

... I always end up coughing blood when I write Ukitake.

I've been picking up Twin Souls again in an attempt to find my own voice. It's been good, rough in some ways, but really good again. I've been also talking with Luke, my gay pastor, on a regular basis about the whole story and he's been fascinated, which has been a lot of fun. I've also been fighting, for the last week and a half, an upper respiratory tract infection that went deep enough to... well, yeah... remind me of why I was writing Jyuushiro in the first place.

I got a visit from chronomorphosis for a night, while he was on his way across the country, and put him and his cat up for one night, and it was great to just sit and talk One Piece with him.

I've also been doing other things that I haven't done for so long that it's been fun and bemusing to pick them up again. The first of which has been painting. It's the annual Empty Bowls event, a benefit for the OUR center, Longmont's local food bank, day shelter, and daycare for homeless families. Because I'd been missing painting for so long, I did two bowls, and I caught some of the pre and post firing images just for fun.

Some of the pre-firing pictures of the Ponderosa Pine and Pygmy Nuthatch bowl:

Nuthatch ExteriorNuthatch Interior

Post-firing pictures were courtesy of Crackpots, and I have to admit I really love the sunflower bowl that was pictured with it and I wish they'd shot the bird as well as the pine needles. If it's in the auction I'll get better pictures of the outside.

ponderosa and Nuthatch bowlponderosa and Nuthatch bowl

The following was done on a whim, because I have this really cheerful bowl a teenage girl had painted that has a big smiley face and just lots of COLOR to it... and I wanted to do something 'random' that didn't really turn out to be that random in the end. The entire quote is "Luminous beings are we..." which is by Yoda. *laughs* And given how it looked pre-firing I had absolutely no faith in how it would turn out. All those pastels really drove me nuts...

Luminousinteriorpainted bottom of space bowl

But when I went back to Crackpots to take the pictures later in the week, my hopes were raised when the ladies behind the counter said, "Oh! The Space Bowl!" And I figured that what I'd hoped would happen really did... and so it was. I love seeing the sheer contrast of the outside, pre-firing and post-firing... that twilight blue really darkened up in the kiln.

bowl_luminousinside bowl facebowl_bottom

All in all I count that as a success.

I've also read the whole of the first of the Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood series, and it was really fun and I loved how all the plot elements melded together, and I should probably rank them on Good Reads, too. I really enjoyed them and being able to talk with Jet about them. *laughs*

They're fast enough reads that I have plenty of time to hit writing goals as well. That's been nice, too.
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