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Last night and through this morning a good 9 inches of snow fell on Longmont.

Yesterday, Jet and I spent most of the day just napping. Both of us were recovering from colds and taking it easy. Today, however, we were so tempted by the snow that we had to go out and sled in it.

There's a very good hill in the neighborhood, though it is actually a basin. It's used to collect runoff when there is any in the neighborhood. It does have excellent slopes all around it, and it is only a block away from the house. Since we were both recovering, it was nice to not have to walk far.

Jet had a lot of fun doing all of the scheduling for us. We stayed in the house for most of the morning, working on various projects. We had lunch around noon, and after being fed we geared up.

Both of us put on snow pants, heavy coats, scarves, hand knit socks (of course), and heavy-duty hats before we went out into the garage to pick up the sleds. We had two foam sleds and one plastic disc that we had picked up in order to slide down sand dunes one summer. It turned out that the plastic disc was excellent for creating a slide. I would use it to pack down the loose snow, and the resulting track worked really well.

Within half an hour dozens of children came out to play. We had snow fights with some of the other kids, shared our sleds with others, and after falling over at the end of one of my sled runs I decided to make snow angels.

Neighborhood Sledding
In the midst of the mayhem, the snow continued to fall. It's a wonderful wet spring snow storm, and it should provide relief for a lot of the farmers in the area along with watering the grass, which is gone completely brown. Last year was far too dry, and everyone was predicting a dry spring, however, it seems that the weather didn't listen.

I'm glad.

The three of us have been watching Peter Jackson's production of The Lord Of The Rings. We watched The Fellowship of the Ring last night, and got halfway through The Two Towers tonight. Jet has really been enjoying movies, and they are making me think in all kinds of ways.

Jet and I have also been reading Old Man's War by John Scalzi, and I'm realizing that Jet is far more capable of dealing with violence at all kinds of levels than he was even two years ago. In some ways it allows me to share more stories with him, and in others it opens up the possibility for more questions and conversations.

My father has given me a link to a master calligrapher in China. He's doing all of his lessons on YouTube, and being able to watch him work has given me a great deal of material to practice on and with. There something about seeing the exact motions that makes a huge difference in how I execute the specifics of calligraphy. Since the entire site is in Mandarin Chinese, I'm getting a huge dose of the spoken language. The surprising thing is that I can decipher most of it, and I'm picking up more conversational Mandarin than I thought possible.

Hopefully, it will be of use when we go to China in May. John, Jet, my father, and I are taking a 10 day tour through mainland China. Pretty much everything is set by the tour guides, and all accommodations and food will be arranged for this first trip. I suspect that we will return to the places we really want to explore further in the future. The three of us have gone to Mexico, to Milaque, where English is not spoken, so won't be the first time we go to a place where we do not know the language that well. Still, it will be a new adventure, and one I am looking forward to doing.

Finally, I managed to buy Scrivener for Windows. I've been using it for the last month and finally decided to shell out the money when I got tired of the licensing screen. I really do love the Internet, because I decided to search for coupon for the software and managed to get 25% off the already low price. It looks like a really good front end tool, and I have already started taking advantage of the organizational abilities to put some thoughts into order.

I am cognizant, however, of the fact that when I can write everything down it means that I also kept bad ideas. I was using Liquid Binder for quite some time, just to collect snippets of scenes and ideas. I've left them all in that binder, and referred to it as I need, but I'm not copying anything from the old material. It's just better to rewrite it fresh. Since I have also been suffering a little from tendinitis, I've broken out the dictation software once again, and still find that the DragonDictate is very useful. It's especially good for journal writing and capturing ideas.

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