Bleach, WTF?

Uhm. Right. I think that that is my general opinion as I'm catching up with the Bleach Manga as part of my preparation for Twin Souls. It does my heart some good to see a few things that we've done/planned for Winter War are backed up with what happens in canon, but... still... WTF?

I think I'm realizing that part of why I love One Piece so much is that Eiichiro Oda stays true to the characters and to the themes he sets from the very beginning. Every single HUGE REVEAL he's ever done fits into what has happened, characters don't do a 180 without some really solid visceral need/want/wish that stems from exactly what they've been all along. It's integral, it makes sense, and he sets the groundwork (or uses the stuff he DID to make up the new stuff in such a way that it *seems* like he set it all up to start) so early on that I can re-watch every episode AGAIN and go "Oh, wow, he knew THAT from this point HERE!!!"

All of which plays well with Robert McKee's idea of why the big reveal, that closing of the gap between what has happened and what caused it to happen, can be so darned satisfying and is kind of the gold at the end of the rainbow for storytellers. And why the unanchored/unconnected SURPRISE! can be so off-putting.
*digs up a Bleach icon that's more cheery... sorta...*

I kinda liked the Fullbring one -- though the anime, I will say, brought some stuff out a lot better in it. The anime, for instance, was just... really good about people going *BOGGLE* while everyone else is going, "Yeah, it's Ichigo; he's like that. Want a donut?"

I will say, the Fullbring bit MISSED A BET at the very end. Which, if you haven't gotten there yet, I won't spoil. If you have gotten to the end, just say...
*laughs* Okay... you've given me more hope as I definitely haven't looked through all the anime episodes since the Aizen defeat... I probably should...

Thank you!!
Watch the Fullbring series! And... Hm. Watch it with the urge to eat popcorn and laugh and generally kick back and make mildly snide comments now and then.
I will note that something has just (in the last few weeks) come up in the manga which references the Fullbring arc, which I think may amuse you when you see it.