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A Very Busy Day

Sent another chapter of Twin Souls to incandescens yesterday and feel good about it. It was odd to write it, realize how 'short' it was, and then figured out it was just exactly the length it had to be.

I also got 10,000 steps before 10 am this morning, as our church had the last of its Wednesday morning prayer services at 7 am. After the service I worked with Luke, our associate pastor, on cutting apart silk ties and using them to dye eggs. It's kind of amusingly gratifying to slice into a nice dress tie. One power symbol cut into literal ribbons. While the eggs were boiling in their acid bath in 100 percent silk jackets, we walked to get some coffee (and a bacon burrito for me!).

We talked some, too, and it was good. Colorado just passed its civil unions law, the whole thing about the Supreme Court and California's Prop 8 has been intriguing and there have been some absolute gems from the court tapes. And our church is trying to figure out what's next. We've been Open and Affirming for decades now and while we're involved in all those things, there's more we can be doing. We've got more than half a dozen LGBT couples in the pews and several transgendered people and their partners, too. Not to mention that Luke's gay and getting interviewed at every one of these changes and opportunities.

There was a funeral last Saturday and Easter is this coming Sunday, so it's crazy-busy as well, and we're attracting people who like knowing that they can raise their kids in a church that has solid values and great diversity. I still boiled four dozen eggs tonight! *laughs* And I didn't break a single one that wasn't cracked or broken to begin with! Finally got my technique down to starting them in cold water, bringing them up to a boil, and since we're at altitude, I just boil them for another ten minutes. Then they go into an ice bath, and are just barely hard through. Perfect for egg salad and quick dyeing.

I've been writing 2000 words a day on the days I've been writing, which has been gratifying. I'm doing three edit passes of each chapter, and then sending them off to be beta'ed, so it should be pretty solid when it comes out. Of course, due to some suggestions on her part, I've also been changing some things to make each chapter a great deal stronger. That felt really good.

It's also snowed every Saturday for the last four. And on the last nearly eight inch snow storm, Jet and I went to sled at one of the neighborhood slopes that ended up in one of the drainage channels cut through the neighborhood. Jet kept landing in the water! I kept stopping myself until a good hour into it, when I was tired, I just stopped stopping myself. *laughs* The splash was tremendous and the water was cold. Of course, it was ice melt! But it was so fun, too! Just to let go and do it and it felt amazing!

It felt even better, after, when we went home, took hot showers, and sat down to hot chocolate with Starbuck's peppermint syrup and whipped cream. A Sprouts Farmers Market has moved in within walking distance, and they make an excellent brown rice sushi that we've enjoyed more than once. They've also had some amazing organic produce, good bulk candy, and plenty of nice fresh Naan. They're a change of pace from the staples at King Soopers.

Another really fun thing has been that Jet's been running Dungeons and Dragons for John and I. It's been a blast and Jet has been learning a lot.

Hope you're all doing well.
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