Snow Day!

Yesterday, Jet's school district had a snow day in anticipation of the 6-8 inches of snow that was supposed to fall here. Given that the temps were in the high 60's the day before, most of the snow that fell on the sidewalks and streets melted and all the roads were clear. But the snow did fall for most of the day.

Jet summed it up, however, when he said, "It's no fair! Getting a snow day, but not getting enough snow to even sled in!"

It was, however, really cold and windy and blustery. The lack of traffic was good when I went to my allergy clinic appointment. Not sure if it's because of the hiking in Arches or not, but I've regained a few percentage points of lung capacity! Went from 66% to 73%! So nearer to missing only a quarter of my lung capacity instead of a full third... *laughs* This is probably the best improvement I've had in the last three years, so it was quite encouraging.

The doctor even spoke of my getting off the shot treatments, finally. Usually, once one has reached a certain level of allergen exposure and is going well with it, the shots are thought of as having been "successful" and they stop doing them. In six months we're going to re-evaluate how I'm doing and, possibly, get me off the shot regimen.

It's still snowing today. Just white flakes blowing here and there randomly. It's cold enough that Jet and I are enjoying hot chocolate and teas of various sorts (thank you, flit!) I did consulting today and had fun getting them past something that terrified them. Someone else wants to commission me to knit them a Victorian style lace shawl, and I'm all up for that! It's been a while since I've done intricate lace, and I really want to do something fun.

It was also surprisingly amazing to have someone just tell me that they'd love to have lunch with me, and really get to talk with me and know me a little better.

It's been nearly as nice getting a flood of feedback on for the newest chapters on Twin Souls. I'm really happy that they like it there, and how many people are now reading a great deal of my other stories and giving me feedback on those as well.
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Very glad indeed to hear that your lungs are improving!

Ooo, lace shawl commission. Lovely.
Wow, a snow day? You're in Mass, right? I think?
It's great to hear that your lung capacity has improved. That's excellent! :)
And you knit too? I'm not sure I knew that, and may have forgotten. J loves to paint and knit, as well. I've been looking for some art tools and an easel for her, I keep checking Craigslist. I want to do something nice for her and surprise her you know? She rarely has time to paint, but I know if I had the supplies, she'd light up and make some time! It should be garage sale season here, so maybe i'll find something soon and surprise her! That's my plan.
She was always a good artist too. Once she gets going, i'll take a pic and share!
:) I can't believe you had a snow day!
We're in Colorado! *grins* It's very rare for us to get a snow day, because we're on the Eastern side of our mountains, so most of the moisture gets squeezed out of the clouds before they hit us!

I do knit! That sounds like a wonderful plan for getting her the things she needs to paint! I hope you swing it!

I'd love to see the pics!
Oh, cool; glad to hear about the lung improvement! (And it wouldn't surprise me if that small percentage wasn't a pretty big deal.)
You're probably right!!

It is regaining something I thought I'd lost permanently. I've also done something that has relieved a great deal of stress in just the last three months, so it's amazing to get such concrete evidence that it might have helped significantly in a physical way.

But, yeah... *hugs* Thanks!!
Yay, I'm glad you are drinking the tea!

And so glad to hear about your lung capacity improvement....

They weren't able to ramp my shots up for the last year or two, but declared me "done" when I made it through a full year of shots without having a bad post-shot reaction.
I love the tea. The Phoenix Oolong has been a lovely gift some of these harder days.

Thank you on the capacity improvement, too. It really felt good to get that result.

That sounds like a reasonable method for figuring out "done" or not... I've been on these for over five years, now, so it's probably time to think of it as being done... eventhough I haven't been able to get to the full dose on the dust mite/cat/ragweed mix that is the one I'm most sensitive to....