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A Colorado Spring

I've been loving the precipitation, lately. The slow fall of snow has been an amazing balm, and it's turned the whole world white. We're supposed to have three nights straight of this, and I can only hope.

Spring time in Colorado
Last year was bad. We had a drought that was very severe and the heat and dryness combined for one of the worst, early fire seasons in decades. We're still officially in a drought, but this year is far closer to what we normally get. March is usually the snowiest month of the year, and April is a close second. Since March began we've had snow or rain nearly every week!! It's been amazingly wonderful, and John and I were able to just go out and actually walk in the rain a few times in the last couple of months!

Of course, spring here in Colorado involves a foot of snow, 12 degree (-11 C) nights, all alternating with 70+ degree days with blustery winds and sunshine.

Yesterday we went kite flying in blowing winds, and the boys flew while I lay on the grassy bank on my back and just basked in the sunshine. And there were enough clouds up in the sky to streak it with deep blues and rich purples. I went back out with a camera just to get a few shots. That was really good.

I'm another 2000 words into the next chapter of Twin Souls. My schedule is shaping up into breakfast and research from 8 am to 9 or 10, then usually two thousand words by lunch time. I have consulting, social things, and appointments in the afternoon and usually fit in a stint on the exercise bike or walking around lakes or neighborhoods in the afternoon. It's been especially freeing to be able to just watch a movie or paint a painting some days when I feel like it, and my art therapist friend has been commenting on how I seem to need some control these days as I'm using traditional watercolor paper instead of the unsized Chinese papers and actually sketching out my paintings before I lay color to paper.

I'm finally tackling my Misfit Toys prompts from my friends, and writing down the story ideas for them. Another friend of mine was talking with me about a series he'd done of three books and how he finally figured out that the fourth book just wasn't jelling for him. I have three or four books now floating around in my head, and some of them have full structures, and some don't. There's are several studies I have to do of the Toys to figure out what I really want to do with them. The people are jelling, the plot hasn't yet, and I am going to be patient about that.

I've had an expert in Female Buddhist teachings and doctrine drop into my lap, three people who went to and taught in Catholic schools, and a man who survived being blown up by an IED are all a part of my life, now. It's going to be interesting pursuing what I really want to know, enough to make the stories come to life, not so much as to bog down my whole process in all this, and still leave enough energy and time to actually tell the Story that comes from all this, too.

Of course, in just a week I'm supposed to pick up a package of live bees from the place I ordered them from. I hope that the weather clears and is kind to the girls for that first week, at least.
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