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Walking in the Snow

I've earned a new habit this winter. Walking in the cold.

It started during the time before Christmas, when the days were short, the nights long, and the neighborhood had all the pretty lights out. The temperatures would get down into the single digits, and I'd be out there anyway, usually when there was no wind to add to the chill factor, and loved seeing the lights and walking out where no one was.

I had my thick wool cowl, my down jacket, my handspun mittens, and a wool hat that I'd bought on one of our innertube sledding trips out into the mountains. Thick wool with a brim to keep the sun out. Though I didn't have to worry about the sun today. It was overcast and cold.

I'd spent the whole morning and early afternoon writing, getting about 1500 words. I've written this one scene for Twin Souls three times and each time I've had to dig in deeper, and it's been rough going, but it feels like a better story for it. But I needed the walk, and for all that it was snowing, I just bundled up with my winter gear and went out into a world of falling snow. It was 24 degrees out (-4C) and the snow was just starting to stick to the sidewalks. The lawns, trees, and bushes were already covered. The crabapple, cherry, and plum all had buds blackened by the freeze last week, so no fruit tree blossoms this year, but this is how Colorado springs are supposed to be.

I remember first moving here and being shocked and chagrined to realize that it really is necessary to wait until Mother's Day to plant tomatoes and other things that don't like freezing. Last year was crazy, with a day in the 90's in April, and I regretted not getting the sugar snap peas out by Valentine's Day. This time I waited until St. Patrick's and I'm now very glad I did.

The world was beautiful. Silent, white, and the sky was solid gray. I met nearly no one, kept my head down to keep the snow from blowing into my hood and coat, and now I know why that phrase was coined! My neighborhood has become a sort of labyrinth for me, the twists and turns and curves of the street hiding each length from my eye, but my feet know them now so well I don't have to think as I traverse it. I have choices along the way, one mile, two miles, or three, and I make them now automatically. Decisions without reason or conscious thought, my body just goes as I will.

I did see one little boy, who was perhaps three, and his grandfather chasing him down a gutter, as he raced the water running down it.

"He's loving this," the grandfather said.

"It's wonderful weather," I answered, and the old man gave me a surprised grin.

"Yes. Yes it is. Enjoy!"

"I will," I answered and walked on.

It is a good time for me. Time to think, time to breathe in the world, and do nothing but exist and really enjoy everything I feel and see, outside of time and of the rest of life.

I'm getting my package of bees tomorrow, and I also found out about and signed up for a single stick/cane fighting/Bartitsu workshop in a couple of weeks, getting to indulge more of whom and what I am in the various ways I do it. One of the ladies in the War Room gave me the info and wants my notes from it, as she has a character who has to use a cane. That should be fun and is giving me ideas as well. The bee ladies are going to have to live in the basement for an evening or two until the snow goes away, but I think I have a handle on getting them into their home and plenty of experts to give me advise when I go get them. *laughs*
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