Bleach 537

Finally got caught up all the way through the Fullbring arc AND what's now out of the Quincy Arc. Wow...

All right, I'm convinced. *laughs*

I actually like what's now happening with the whole thing, and how and why it plays into both Ichigo's and Uryuu's lives and what happened with their fathers and mothers. It really plays into the possibility of Urahara being far closer to Isshin than even before, and why they were working together during the end of the Aizen arc, the Fullbring arc, and when they were just talking with each other.

It also bring a hell of a lot more charge to the relationship between Isshin and Ryuuken and how and why they were what they were to and with each other.
I am persuaded as to Unohana's powers, now, and what it brings to the story. I do love how the Yachiru was brought back into the story at just the right place there.

And, yes, incandescens, now I see what knowing all of this can bring to Winter War, too. Whew...
(grins) Really, our timing has worked out quite well. If we had written more of certain scenes earlier, we'd never have had this input to go into them.