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Rain and Language Religion

Today's one of those days when I'm glad that my cube opens onto windows. The sky's full of clouds of all shapes and sizes, and an overcast of pure white. No rain at the moment, but the world's damp and green.

It rained for most of the night, too, which was nice, and should help, a little, with the drought, though the farmers are all saying it's going to take a week of rain before it'll make any difference to them.

I get to discover a new language today. TCL! Woohoo. It's interpretive, and it really reminds me of the way-back days when I used to work with FORTH or even further back when I did basic as a kid by typing stuff in and then running it and having to reboot the machine when I did something wrong. My ex-boss had this argument that it's better for everyone to use one language for all their jobs, and I am now willing to say horsepucky. It's like saying it's better to use assembler, FORTRAN, COBAL, C, C++, or Perl for *all* your programming needs just so you only have to learn one language... they all do certain jobs better.

Though there will always be a programmer somewhere that swears by one and only one language. Like folks that swear by one and only one editor. Hee.

Religious debates. The Generalist against the Specialist.

I'll stay a generalist, I guess, and get TCL under my utility belt as well and I'll probably still write my utility as a set of Perl scripts and use a TCL coverplate that will do what it does best, i.e call other scripts on an interactive basis from user input.

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