Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

A Reception, Eel, and Rain

We went to a reception for the wedding of one of John's high school friends, and it was pleasant. Second marriages for them both, so they asked that no one give them gifts, just be present, and it was nice.

Since it was in the south end of Denver, we, of course, hit Ikea, just to look, and came out with a small armful of things. Went to H Mart and came out with a whole cart of food, including Jet's favorite meal when John's busy for an evening, grilled eel. They always remind me of Jin, in Samurai Champloo trying to kill eels in the woman's cart.

We came home tired, had a quick dinner of BBQ chicken, wok-seared green beans, and chibata from the Farmer's Market with a quick dip of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a few fresh tomatoes from the garden. So good, so quick. And then we went swimming in the neighborhood pool, and it started raining as we walked, and droplets pocked the surface as we swam, quickening until the sky lit with lightning and the ground shook with thunder. Everyone was called out to go home in the sudden downpour.

The air is tinged with the bite and coolness of fall, though it should still be hot, yet. I'm so used to late July and August being 90's, that a day in the 80's hints of the darkness to come.
Tags: rain

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