I'd never really paid much attention to the fact that the St. Vrain River cuts right through the south end of Longmont, and separates the main downtown from a good third of the city.

street closures

With all the severe rainfall right now, that river is cutting the city in half. You have to go nearly forty miles out of your way in order to get from the north half of the town to the south half. The city's under a State of Emergency, and it's better not to be out in it at all. My manager at the 911 center said that they're so busy, it's better if I don't worry about coming in tomorrow, so I probably won't.

We almost never have ground water, especially in September, it's our driest month on average, but as even the national news seems to be showing, Boulder County is having a deluge of epic proportions, amounts that haven't been seen since 1938.

Towns all around us are flooding, but Longmont has had the least measurable rain of nearly all the towns around us. Lyons is the worst hit, as they're in one of the mountain runoff canyons. We're safe. Damp, but safe. We also have no reasons to go out into the storm or onto the flooded streets. And, yes, I'm very much amazed by the sheer amount of water coming down. Jet and I went puddle wading out front, and found that our side yard had become a small stream with runoff from all seven yards that back into our own.

I was thinking of you today and hoping you were safe. The news has been full of stories of all the rain you've been getting. For tonight we're under a flood advisory, but other than a light sprinkle late this afternoon, we haven't had anything worth worrying about. *hugs*

Stay safe and stay home. :)
*hugs* Glad you're finally getting water down there, and only advisories instead of those darned warnings...

Thank you!! And, yeah, we're exercising the better part of valor and just staying home.
Yes, we were down graded from a flood warning to an advisory just a little over an hour ago.

There are a lot of fun things to do at home while you stay safe and dry :)
So very very true!

And Jet's school was closed today and tomorrow for a "Flood Day"... that's a first for us. *laughs*
Flood Day! Aie!

Also, wet bees, wet bees!

Further: yow! Stay safe, definitely. (I remember the time that my mom accidentally drove into a flooded underpass, in a VW beetle. It wasn't a *lot* flooded, but I recall watching the water come into the car as adults pushed it out. I guess the storm drain... either wasn't there, or got blocked.)
Aieee... *laughs* Yes.

It's so weird, especially up here, where drought is pretty much a given through the year, and ground water seems such a precious thing when water rights are written into the state constitution. To have it flood extensively up here is just... bizarre.

The bees are dryer than they were when all of this started, thank goodness, the extra super has really given more of them better shelter than before.

Ee about driving into a flooded underpass! Not fun!

We're doing well.
Part of me is very glad to be very far away. Part of me does have a kind of geeky "wow, it would be cool to be able to observe that." Here's hoping everyone ends up found and safe and dry and warm.
Hee. I like the geek in you!!

It's like climate change in action. Whew.

Yeah... there's over 200 who are 'out of touch', not officially missing because there's no one to spare to look for them, but our church is doing its best to contact everyone and make sure people have help that need it. It's been a little crazy.

We're good! And are getting all the tools out to help those that need help drying out, rebuilding, and getting back to normal. One last pass of rain tonight (I hear thunder), and then we should be clear for a few days. I hope.