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Art Show is Up!

On my birthday, my third painting show was hung. *laughs* It's just a small space, at my church, but it's a very nice presentation space, and 10% of the proceeds go to the church.

We're heavily involved in the recovery efforts for the city, and were actually awarded a $10,000 grant for the relief work we're doing, so that we have plenty of materials and tools with which to do it. I love that the mother of one of our congregants got to learn how to use a pneumatic air gun to help. Maybe I should say that anything that's earned from this show goes to that fund?

Anyway... it's always a little crazy getting everything framed, under glass, and matted properly, though I didn't even bother matting the Western style watercolors, since the edges of the paper were beautifully deckled, I just floated them over a background page. And they look so different when they're in their framed best! It always kind of amazes me how they look when they're like this.

It's also interesting to me, at least, that the mix of Eastern Style and Western Style watercolors kind of works with this show, and people aren't expecting just one or the other from me anymore. I admit that the strict disciplines of the Chinese ink paintings gets to me, sometimes, and I throw out a lot more than I show because I wavered with my brush. *laughs* But with the Western style ones, I don't worry about it as much and I just have fun with it. So.... I know what the draw is either way.

If you want to see more detailed pictures of each panel, you can look here: Older AsianMostly InkNewer Ink and Watercolor, and The Big Paintings.
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