Art Show is Up!

On my birthday, my third painting show was hung. *laughs* It's just a small space, at my church, but it's a very nice presentation space, and 10% of the proceeds go to the church.

We're heavily involved in the recovery efforts for the city, and were actually awarded a $10,000 grant for the relief work we're doing, so that we have plenty of materials and tools with which to do it. I love that the mother of one of our congregants got to learn how to use a pneumatic air gun to help. Maybe I should say that anything that's earned from this show goes to that fund?

Anyway... it's always a little crazy getting everything framed, under glass, and matted properly, though I didn't even bother matting the Western style watercolors, since the edges of the paper were beautifully deckled, I just floated them over a background page. And they look so different when they're in their framed best! It always kind of amazes me how they look when they're like this.

It's also interesting to me, at least, that the mix of Eastern Style and Western Style watercolors kind of works with this show, and people aren't expecting just one or the other from me anymore. I admit that the strict disciplines of the Chinese ink paintings gets to me, sometimes, and I throw out a lot more than I show because I wavered with my brush. *laughs* But with the Western style ones, I don't worry about it as much and I just have fun with it. So.... I know what the draw is either way.

If you want to see more detailed pictures of each panel, you can look here: Older AsianMostly InkNewer Ink and Watercolor, and The Big Paintings.
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I'm so glad you all got that grant - that's got to be a huge relief.

I love the paintings! Thank you so much for linking to the more detailed photos. I adore your bamboo painting somuch.
It is amazing how they're recognizing what we're doing... John's got more than 90 volunteers, especially on the weekends, that come and go depending on the jobs that have to get done...

*beams happily* The bamboo paintings really require a certain mindset from me, and I do so few of them well. *laughs* That being said, the ones I really do like are the ones I show, and the rest get recycled, so it looks like I know what I'm doing. Still, I'm learning as I go about placements, how to make them feel like they're in motion, and how to make the 'hands' of leaves graceful in their gestures...

Thank you!
I am so glad (and impressed!) that they recognise what you've been doing and have given you that grant.

And the paintings are gorgeous, but I particularly like that wisteria one.
Yes! It's really helping some families fill in the hole between what FEMA will do, what their insurance will do, and what they really want...

*smiles* I'm glad you like the wisteria one and why, too.
I swear, nothing brings out the green-eyed monster in me like someone who can BOTH write incredibly well (and prolifically) AND has incredible artistic talent! I tried for years to wring some scrap of artistic ability out of my soul, and I think with writing and art both (as well as music, and so many things) I am condemned to a life of "Solieri Syndrome" - I have a great capacity to recognize and appreciate excellence in writing and the arts, but am destined never to rise beyond mediocrity in my abilities. It's really quite frustrating. But at least I CAN appreciate the good stuff - it's better than spending a life watching Honey BooBoo and reading People Magazine! *lol*

But enough about me.... Your art is FABULOUS!!!!! I'm sure your family is beaming, and your church members are gobsmacked. I'm proud just to be able to say, "hey, I know her! She's a friend of mine." ♥ And one of these days when I have the money to pay you a decent commission, I want you to do me one of your Asian ones (your choice of medium) with a white egret in it, and perhaps a lotus or two.

I've FINALLY given up waiting for us to build an addition for my study and have claimed the guest room as my study, and have been decorating it to my heart's content - I think of you when I look at the lovely Shun/Uki picture I found & framed! (I will, of course, take down my porny Saiyuki pics, should we ever have a guest who would find them objectionable - which seems unlikely, given that 99% of my friends at least are fellow anime & yaoi junkies.) At least half of the art in the room is art by people I know and love, and one of your fabulous paintings would be the icing on the cake!

Edit: big congrats on the grant! That's wonderful, and a great acknowledgment of the value of your work. It just frankly amazes me, all the things you DO!

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*beams* Thank you very much!! Both for the congrats on the grant and the lovely kudos on the paintings themselves. I still think of myself as mediocre. *laughs* I'm getting there, though! So long as I keep painting, I suspect I'll keep improving.

Yay for getting your very own space! That's important to do, and it's good to have friends that wouldn't be upset by what you love.

*hugs* Thank you again!! And I'd love to do that egret and lotus pond.... especially now that I've seen a lot of lotus ponds. *laughs*
Phyllis,, Congratulations on your art exhibit at the church. I'm so glad that they recognize your talent and give you space to let me see what you produce. Next year, I will ask when your next painting exhibit is and will plan my visit around that event. Your collectiion looks fabulous. From a quick glance I think I favor the oriental paintings the most! Best wishes for your further growth and congrats on your current show. Love, Isabel
*hugs* Thank you so much, Isabel!! I'll definitely do my best to tell you when my next show will be! I'm very glad that you enjoy the oriental paintings *smiles*. Thank you so much for your encouragement!!
That, right there, is a bunch of very lovely art.
I wish I could go to your art show. I really need good art for my house. I don't suppose you ship? :)
I do ship!! But I prefer to just ship the painting, without the matting, glass, and frame, as you can probably find the same there, and the glass always breaks. *laughs* I may even be able to do matting and painting, if you prefered that (as the prices framing places charge for custom matting is just ridiculous).

I can email you prices, if you're interested...
Sure! That would be awesome! Er, whatever is easiest for you to ship/pack. How big are the big bamboo pictures on the Older Asian page?


All of the big bamboos are $125!

Whoop. Except the one that's called Grace, the one with the diagonal design with a brown matt, next to the stick bug and morning glory. That one is $175.

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What size are those? Roughly? I'm trying to figure out if it will squeeze in nicely or look too crowded for the space.

We would like to get the big bamboo on the Older Asian page, the one with the grey mat! Do we send you a check or paypal or what? Let me know how much shipping is, too.

I shall! I can't take it down until the end of the month, just so you know, but I think either a check or paypal would work! I'll let you know the shipping when I ship it, and when it gets there, you can pay me then?

I'll tell the show director it's sold, then, too.

Coolness! And someday, I'll be able to brag that I knew you 'when' :-).