Freezes and I Prove Allergic

The weather is going cold in Colorado, and we're starting to have freezing nights. I've closed up the front entrance, taken out the screened bottom board, and the girls seem very content inside their boxes. I left one super on top, as that seemed to give them enough room, and I think that I'm supposed to start feeding them sometime. I'm wondering if any of the more experienced keepers have a good idea on when. I have a top feeder, and I think I'll wait until a warm and sunny day to open up and put that in.

The girls seem to still be bringing in pollen! That kind of surprised me, as I would have thought they'd have slowed or even stopped rearing brood, but even just three weeks ago there were some brilliantly warm days, so maybe the Queen laid and they're just getting them through these last few weeks.

They seem to be doing well. I also added two popsicle sticks as shims between the inner cover and the top edge of the top box, just to let humidity out of the hive. Here in Colorado, a bunch of keepers have said that it's not the cold that kills them so long as they have stores, it's the wet and whenever there's condensation inside, it's bad.

On my side of things, after my ankle swelled up so thoroughly, I talked with my allergist about the possibility of me developing a bad bee allergy, and he got me to give a blood sample. It turns out that my blood has the large number of antibodies against bee venom that's an indicator that I may well be developing systemic reactions. So I now have an Epi-pen. I know how to use it and how to call 911 after. I'm also going in for a skin test in a week, and will do the long-term shots for bee venom along with any other insects I happen to react to. *laughs quietly*

Normally, from everything I hear on the local mailing lists, the keepers who form a bee allergy just give up their hives. But with a whole winter for me to get immune to them, I think I'm going to just keep them. I'm getting allergy shots for the ten thousand other things I'm allergic to anyway, so it's not much more of an expense for me, but I could see if it were someone without that overhead anyway how they'd probably prefer to give up the bees to going through a several thousand dollar therapy to keep them.
On the plus side, at least it's not a lethal allergy to bees. And you can use the Epi-pen, which is also a bonus. I'm screwed on both scores. Bees make me very nervous and I freeze when one comes near me.
Very very true to all the above, it's definitely a plus that it's not lethal, yet, and I'm going to make it less so.

I really do like my bees. It's kind of crazy, even after all the reactions and things, I'm still not freezing up when they just come near... it's only when I'm opening up the hive that I get more alert about it all. And even then... they're just my girls.

Sorry about your allergy and not being able to do Epi would just suck!! I have epi with every allergy shot... so I'd be utterly screwed without it.

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I think bees are really neat, but I prefer to view them from afar. With glass between me and them.

I can't use an Epi as I have MVP. It'll either buy me time to save my life in the case of bee/wasp/hornet stings or hazelnut/filbert ingestion or it'll do nothing or (and I love this option /sarcasm), it'll make my heart race so fast that it just says fuck it and stops beating.

Death by asphyxiation or death by heart attack. Choices, choices.
Yes, I think it would be far safer for you to be behind glass. My goodness.

I hope you never have to make that choice!!
Yikes, allergies! But, well, I'd be figuring out how to de-allergic to cats if I had to, so...

Good luck! To both you and the bees!
Yes, not exactly that, as cats have MUCH more personality and are far far more companionable than my girls. *laughs* But... yes...

Thank you so much!!
When you're dedicated to something, well... *wry*

I'm glad that there's a good chance you won't need to give up the girls.
It's annoying that you have the allergy, but I'm glad that there is a workaround. Fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and that you develop an immunity over winter.
Yes, exactly that. Annoying, but there's a workaround. Yay! Thank you for the good wish!!
I'm sorry to hear about the allergies, Liralen, because those bees couldn't have a better keeper. I hope your antibodies cool down over the winter.

Good luck!
The shot should definitely take care of it... I do like taking care of my girls!!

Thank you!!