Skin Tests

I had my skin tests yesterday, and they covered white faced hornets, yellow jackets, yellow hornets, wasps, and honey bees. The only one I reacted to was the honey bee. Drat....

So I'm going to be starting a series of shots next week, a bit more involved than my usual ones, but it seems that by spring, I should be able to take two sting's worth of bee poison without a problem. With the way the shots work, I should be building antibody blockers with gradually greater amounts of venom.

If only the test site where they did the 0.1 concentration of venom wasn't itching so much today... *sigh*

Good news! I have another chapter of Winter War to Sophiap and Incandescens, and should have it out sooner rather than later, and I've finally gotten down to outlining and writing the last few tie-up chapters of Twin Souls. I'm also working on the write up for the Tenra game, and the short short for Hot Guys Making Out. It's not quite as fun writing that last one as it was playing it and that intrigues me... *laughs*

Boo, silly bees stinging you. Sounds like they sensitized you but good. They're lucky you're able to add to the shots.

Silly bees. *laughs* And, yes, I'm very very aware that I'm lucky, given that I can do the treatment option.
*many hugs*

My sympathies, Liralen. I have a strong learned dislike for needles, so I'm wincing so hard my face hurts.

Take it easy, and take care =).
*grins mildly*

I have a good relationship with needles, been having shots (from two to five) about every week for most of my life, and used to donate platelets and blood products, so... yeah, needles and I do pretty well together.

Thanks for the good wishes!!

YES! That's the answer! *laughs and laughs*

Though speaking of which... there is a colony of yellow jackets that's preying on my bees, and I intend to wipe them out come spring. *laughs* I know, it seems silly to prefer one bug to another, but....
I figure when yellowjackets and wasps start getting in on the pollination/honey act, that's when we can feel guilty about taking them out. Highly utilitarian, but there it is.

I won't go out of my way hunting them down, but when I see one of their nests getting built near a high-traffic area on our house, I will remove it expediently. Tough for them, but then, so is getting stung when otherwise minding our own business.
Glad to hear there are shots for this. Send those bees to sting me, instead. Apparently, bee venom is good for combating rheumatoid syndrome. I need to be somewhere I can keep bees again.
It is supposed to help with that and arthritis and stuff. Yes! You should keep bees again. With the way people were talking about being allergic to bees, I didn't think there was a treatment for it, but it's cool that there is!!
How annoying that it should be honey bees, of all the possible stinging insects...

I hope that the shots work and that everything goes smoothly. Sympathy on the itches.

Bravo on getting the writing moving!
Thank you!!

And, yes, it's amazing how nice it is to be able to write again.... whew.