Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Skin Tests

I had my skin tests yesterday, and they covered white faced hornets, yellow jackets, yellow hornets, wasps, and honey bees. The only one I reacted to was the honey bee. Drat....

So I'm going to be starting a series of shots next week, a bit more involved than my usual ones, but it seems that by spring, I should be able to take two sting's worth of bee poison without a problem. With the way the shots work, I should be building antibody blockers with gradually greater amounts of venom.

If only the test site where they did the 0.1 concentration of venom wasn't itching so much today... *sigh*

Good news! I have another chapter of Winter War to Sophiap and Incandescens, and should have it out sooner rather than later, and I've finally gotten down to outlining and writing the last few tie-up chapters of Twin Souls. I'm also working on the write up for the Tenra game, and the short short for Hot Guys Making Out. It's not quite as fun writing that last one as it was playing it and that intrigues me... *laughs*
Tags: allergies, writing
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