Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li


I got to see it Wednesday. As most folks did, I liked it better than 1, but not nearly as much as the original series when it came out.

Pretty. Flashy. Good video game material. Interesting, complex Obi Wan. Way keen Yoda fight, just like the old, old masters in kung-fu movies, all grace. Very, very little Jar Jar. The whole political plot was felt pretty tight, whether or not it was. I liked that the whole Republic versus the Federation thing, how the Dark Sith Lord is playing everyone for patsies (ok, especially Jar Jar, but having such a weak link for such a powerful mistake felt... too easy? too pat, again, something that was just *easy* for the writers to use rather than what would make better sense like Amidala didn't tell Binks, specifically to NOT VOTE FOR THE ARMY), and how the army works out is really getting interesting. I enjoyed the discovery of the clones and the whole Fett family idea. I really enjoyed Padme's lock picking in the arena. I found the arena fight fun and the whole Stormtroopers working for the Jedi thing a really interesting emotional twist.

Wooden Anakin. Okay, so why would the Senator wear a leather bustier and a collar for godsake if she didn't want him to Go There, Especially With A Teenager? And what would a 28 year old see in a broody, rebellious *teenager*? Okay... so there were many moments when the 'plot' made me want to just pull out my hair. Agh! WHY did they *do* that? This makes no sense at *all*.

I'm good at suspension of belief. I like most Disney movies. I really enjoy Bond movies. I love adventure movies, comic books, and lots of stuff that just doesn't get critical acclaim. But this had emotional plots just sucked big time. I couldn't get over some bits where it was obvious that something happened because the writers said it had to, and they couldn't be bothered to figure out a way to make it *make* *sense*.

The *worst* was why Anakin's mom died the moment he got there. That made absolutely no sense to me at all. The love affair was part of that. The whole rebellion against Obi-wan had *some* supports, but few enough that it felt very shaky to me. It's like all the character-driven emotional plots were never really thought out compared to the great overweening political plot.
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