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The fires are so big, now, they're affecting the weather.

On the way home from dinner at a friend's house, the sky above our house was pitch black and the lightning was flash-banging, cloud-to-cloud balls of lightning, rakes that reached from the heavens to the earth, and sheet lightning curtaining the sky as far as we could see. Thunder rumbled and banged and made Jet cuddle in closer as he was going to sleep, and then the rain started falling.

Turns out that the particles from the fires are, in essense, seeding the late-afternoon/evening clouds that usually form on hot summer days. And in the trail of the smoke the rain started to fall. So we're getting not only rain, but something of a temperature break and, hopefully, it'll help out the firefighters. Rather than a week of 80-90+ degree weather, they're now predicting mid-70s!

There's been more than 80,000 acres burned, the big fires are only 5% contained, usually around structures that the firefighters are trying to save. The weather, today, is less gusty than yesterday, so there's more possibility of air support out in the more remote areas of the fire. Part of the problem is that out in the remote areas it's hard to simply *get* there as there's so much fire perimeter, now.


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