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happy Jet

He's happy. He only got up once last night for the first time in a week or two, and Jet's just a really happy little guy today. His grandma Isabel's here and he is really enjoying his time with her, which is cool. They're playing, running around the livingroom, going for walks down the neighborhood streets, roaming about the yard watching the painters, and having snacks whenever he wants them. They're doing grandly.

I got to meet my new boss for the first time this morning. It went okay. It was during a meeting. I'll be having my one on one with her tomorrow. It's mildly odd working side-by-side with Bill, but it's good, too. It's less dictorial on his part, and I'm bringing more to the table on my side when I don't expect to just be over-ridden.

I got feedback from the lady whose job it is to maintain what it was I needed a week or two ago, and she really liked what I wrote. She liked it so much she wanted to use it as the official documentation of her stuff. That felt pretty good. I said sure, but pointed out where it really didn't meet her needs, yet. But she'll get to use what she wants, I think.

I have a technical writing class next week. Hee. It'll be the first time when I'll actually be gone for a whole day, two in a row, in fact. It'll be interesting to see how *I* take it. I'm sure Jet'll be okay with his dad and Isabel around. It's times like these when I'm really glad that both John and I work part-time and from home. I will also get to see if I really miss Jet while I'm away for two whole days. John's away two days out of every week and he seems to do okay with it and really enjoy the days he's here and really get a lot of work done when he's away.

So I'll have to see. I have this odd feeling that I'm going to really miss Jet...

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