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Falling Over and Getting Up Again

Just been on a kind of recovery schedule... taking it easy, mostly, but trying to get some physical work in to let me sleep at night.

Yesterday I spent hours on the rose garden, wedding, watering, and dead-heading in full sun, and it was wonderful. We've had a month of rainier and wetter weather than we're used to, which is nothing compared to what we used to get in Seattle, but here it was pretty unusual, so it's been nice that this week we're back to high-80's during the day and 50's at night, so that it's comfortable to sleep.

Today I got in a good long walk through the whole neighborhood, too, along with a much needed two hour nap. I'm just wiped and not exactly sure why, but I'm sleeping when my body seems to really need the sleep. So that's all to the good.

I also had about fifteen minutes of TF2 gameplay with Jet. We usually play around 7pm mountain time through to about 8, just when Jet's done with his homework and still leave enough time to wind down after. But we only had like fifteen minutes today, because Jet had fencing this evening, so we jumped onto a Doomsday server.

Since we were playing for such a short time, I decided to just go with my usual pyromaniac. I have twice the time as a pyro as any other class, and I'm gradually getting to where I feel pretty good at it. Doomsday is kind of crazy, in that both teams try to grab the briefcase of intelligence and then take it to a rocket so that it can take off and blow up the other base. It's a really small map, so everyone runs into everyone else everywhere, so there's lots of opportunities to kill each other. I like it as a pyro, there's lots of nooks and crannies and blowing the carrier off the rocket is always fun.

And I have this one route I can take to jump onto the capture point when it's in midair, and I use it a lot when the enemy team is on the point. I managed to take out a scout repeatedly that way, and after I'd defended the Control Point by killing everyone on it, he typed into the open game chat, "Damn that pyro!" That made me laugh, as the pyro really is the agent of chaos in the game. The flame thrower isn't that great at outright killing anyone, but I set the stage for everyone else to get the kills. I was also really proud of myself for actually setting someone on fire, backing up and then getting a Scorch Shot hit on them to finish them. The flare guns give critical damage when they hit someone that's already on fire. Actually being able to make the weapons switch has been something I've been practicing for a while, and just never got right until tonight!

Jet was having a lot of fun, too, as engie. He dominated three different people, i.e. killed them four times without them killing him at all. He's good.

Finally, a Demoman on our team got the intelligence onto the lift. I ran around the platform, killing a medic and his heavy, and then took out another pyro and scout that were trying to get the Demoman. I ended up on the platform that was parallel to the top of the rocket height, just defending that point from anyone that tried to get up there to get him. He loaded up the Australium, the rocket started to launch itself, and he jumped off the Capture Point to my ledge. Then he did the hi-5 taunt invitation!!

I was amazed that I could look up enough to see that he was offering that to me, so I took it, hit the two g's to accept the taunt; and we high-fived as the rocket lifted on wings of flame through shaking air. I wish, wish, wish, wish that I could have gotten a screen shot of that, but I totally forgot since I was so happy I simply was able to respond. So, yeah... getting better at the game, and not so involved with the mechanics that I can't see what's around me anymore... but that was such a nice finish to a win.

It was fun, after that, to make eel and rice for a treat for Jet and I for dinner. John had a dinner meeting, and so we were on our own. We watched some Naruto, and then I delivered Jet to fencing. I went on a walk around the neighborhood after doing that, and it was a peaceful evening, and far warmer than it has been.

The bees are doing well, and I learned that most of the hives in the county weren't doing quite as well as my girls. The cold wet weather of the fall has been making it hard for them to find forage. But these last few days have been great for them. I'm holding off on treating them until the temperatures drop, for sure, under 80 degrees, as heat releases the acid faster and kills off more of the bees. Monday we're supposed to get another long term rainstorm coming in, so the critical 72 hour period should be cool enough.

I found a zucchini bread recipe that uses a pound and a half of the squash, and I'm looking forward to being able to make it. I had to thaw some of the frozen grated stuff I had from before, just to make up the whole weight. i hope it's good, as it'd be nice to have a recipe that can just use up the stuff when we get monsters.
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